Benq 1640

I see this drive listed on the european Benq site; it has better writing speed specification than the 1620 model. See The question is where can it be found. I find no mention to this drive on the forum… quite strange. Note: Obvious the Philips 1640 drive is equivalent to the older Benq 1620 model tough the model number is the same with the newer one.

Search the forum for “dw1640” and you will find several threads.

1640 will be release in May 05…

Ah nice…
Then we would see it appearing in the shops in Europe about August/September ?

But if I had known that fact I would have waited with buying myself a DW1620 last month :frowning:

Now in stock in some German webshops according to:

I think I will have to get one of these, especially since they are almost same price as 1620 pro with much nicer specs (DVD+/-RW and DL as well as CD-R(w))


And is it confirmed that it will support LightScribe or not ?
Or would that be the DW 1650 or something ?

If the DW1640 is not going to be showing LS, then I think it is not worth it buying by me cos I only got my DW1620 in February…

What u guys recon is best to do then, in that case ?

Well maybe 1620@1640 is possible, let’s wait for a firmware update from BenQ and then we will see :slight_smile:

yeah lor kind of unfair to new buyers bought during in March or April… we try to look for DW1640 but they still not been seen and no choice but to settle for DW1620.

No LS technology on DW1640 afaik


Is the Benq 1640 actually out in Germany then or are these just advanced bookings?

Its a shame it doesnt support -R DL.

very likely new F/W will support it if it get popular.

Yes, Benq DW1640 is available at several shops.


Do any of them ship to the UK? Or do you think it will be out in the UK very soon so might as well wait, just it aint on the UK Benq website or any other its only on the EU one . . .

Isn’t UK part of the EU :iagree:


:iagree: Fully agree with you and its a good thing to, however i can’t read German can just about manage “Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch” which i know is grammatically incorrect . . . so want to do me a huge favour and tell me which ones the cheapest and who will ship to the UK, would be greatly appricated . . .
. . . but then again if its a bit pricey might wait till they hit the UK as i should be able to get one dirt cheap off my employers just they don’t stock them at the moment . . .

Their is an outfit called COMIBA Computershop selling a 1640 (20 units total) on ebay Germany also says delivery within Europe is an option “I think” for a price of €69 per unit not including delivery.

COMBIA Ebay link

BenQ DW1640 link

Ta very much :slight_smile: was however wondering why its only avaiable in Germany? I didn’t think BenQ was German or do i stand to be greatly corrected here, just looking at tthe other international BenQ sites its not on any of them bar the EU one . . .

Does anyone know when to expect a Benq with 8x +RW/+DL and Lightscribe?