BenQ 1640 Write Speed!



I can not Burn with my BenQ1640 4X Burnspeed for Audio with Nero 7. Why ??
My Burnspeed by Nero for Audio is 12x :sad:
Please help me . :bow:
Sorry for my bad english !!!


Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

I assume you are trying to burn an audio compilation on [B]CD-R[/B].
Burn speed depends on media used and IIRC 12x is the lowest speed on CD-R’s for DW1640.

Get an old CD burner on ebay if you like to burn at 4x.


try Burrrn with this burner: :smiley:

best app ever to burn music!


I agree it’s a great little app but burn speed is controlled/limited by the burners firmware so it’ll still be min speed of 12X on the Benq.