Benq 1640 write error with Alcohol

I tried to burn an alcohol image with RAO DAO settings in alcohol but it gave me a write error S:KEY 03/0C/00. Now I needed to burn the cd with 4x speed but the lowest one availabe was 12x (so I used that). I suppose it might be a problem with burning at higher speeds??

*) Is it possible to burn a CD at 4x with benq 1640?
*) Is the Alcohol error a bug or maybe a drive problem?


More than likely it was the media.

Try updating the firmware of the drive to the latest if you already haven’t its BSLB and see how it burns this time.

Haven’t seen the option to burn at 4x with CD-R cant say whether it supports such media or not but I’d lean towards not.

Try getting some Plextor branded CD-R’s I’ve always found them to be of excellent quality when burning at high speeds.

Same error her with Alcohol and Benq 1640 using Verbatim cdr. It seems to be sme incompatibility


I have that error with Taiyo Yuden media (Plextor), both in Alcohhol and Nero (there it says KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR.

is this a general bug in BenQs 1640? Can anybody please test? Firmware here is BSMB



Alcohol works fine for me. 12x is the slowest selectable speed for cd-r burning. Tried with Verbatim and some generic Plasmon discs.