BenQ 1640 - Windows hangs during starting, while dvd is in drive


I’ve got such a problem with my burner. When certain dvd is in the drive (I’ve got few such dvds), windows hangs up, just before log in screen should show up. To start system, I have to eject the disc, and restart pc. Has anyone know something about this?

My PC specification:
-Athlon 1,7GHz+
-768MB RAM
-Windows XP Professional

Thanks in advance for any clues!

Are you sure it is disc related? I’ve experienced a problem like this before but it was down to a defective drive (it was a Liteon 1633), once I changed the drive the problem went away.

Somehow it has to be related to a disc, cause when there is no disc in drive, system starts normally every time, and when a disc is inserted it depends from a disc whether windows start or whether not…weird :wink:

I’d say that this is just normal.
Check the disc content and mobo bios settings.

So, start your computer without a disc in the drive. :bigsmile:

Or you could just go into your bios and change the boot order and make sure the the CD/DVD-RW is set to boot last or not boot at all.

If I didn’t do it that way, I wouldn’t post here anything :wink:

And I think, that setting boot order didn’t do anything, cause system hangs after first screen with logo windows…and booting is before that…but I’ll check it out.



Changed boot configuration, and still have this problem…


Is your drive properly configured as MASTER or SLAVE instead of Cable Select?

Have you tried resetting your BIOS to factory defaults?


as this occurs during the process of loading Windows, I suspect, that there is some piece of software or driver, that wants to access the disc in the drive.
Please try in Safe Mode.


Maybe Starforce? I’m only speculating here, but there have been problems with the Starforce ‘drivers’ (if you can call them that…) and normal CD/DVD operations. Have you installed any games that feature Starforce recently?

That disc might be damaged or have corrupted data.


I don’t recall I ever install anything Starforce…

And I think that disc is rather good…