BenQ 1640 vs. Memorex 16x DVD+r's

Well apparently, from what QScan tells me these discs are unsuitable for writing anything above 8x…even though they’re rated for 16x.

Is there anything I can do about that?
and yes im a complete newb. :bigsmile:

QScan provides a very rough estimate of the quality of track geometry. It doesn’t mean much, until you burn a disc.

Configure burning software to write at 16x speed, keep SolidBurn enabled. It will burn two test areas at both ends of the disc and determine what speed is appropriate. You may see the burn proceeding at 8x or 12x, depending on what SolidBurn decided is acceptable.

Do a quality test with CD-DVD Speed after the burn. That will be a much better test.

P.S. Post the quality scan result here as an attachment, to get more opinions.