Benq 1640 + Verbatim MMC004: Error-Storm at 3.7GB

Hello everyone.
I’m new to Quality-Testing, but as I just received my new Benq 1640 + Verbatim 16x DVD+r (MMC004) I was wondering how good the quality is.

So I burned a movie with CloneDVD2 and then startet a Quality-Test with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

First the quality was very good (99%, max PO just 1) but then suddenly at around 3.7GB there was a real “storm” of erros for about 100-200MB (I would not call it a spike as it’s duration was 100-200MB). After that the error-rate dropped again and was very low (like at the beginning of the DVD). The overall quality was 95.

I read something about a spike in this forum, but I’m not sure if this is the behavior described there (sorry, I have no screenshot of the scan at hand).

I using the latest Firmware BSOB and have QSuite 2.1 installed, but did not alter any options (so no overspeed etc).

Any ideas? Is this normal or rather indicating a defective device?


I can’t say for sure but I have been experimenting with my 1640 and firmwares and I believe someone had said at some point that BSLB doesn’t cause those spikes. Check out my scans…

I’d be more inclined to belive it’s bad media or some other obsure problem. On my 1640, i get very consistant low error rate (less then .02 average PIF) with my MCC004 media… regardless of what firmware I use. I burn at 12X… 16X burns are have somewhat higher error rates, but still not any really big spikes, etc…

On the otherhand… I have some YUDEN T02 media that consistantly has high error rate near the last 600MB…

I do not belive there is any siginficant problems with any of the BenQ 1640 firmware with regard to MCC004 media.

Thanks for your answers.

I think I read once that CloneDVD2 could cause such spikes. Does anyone use CloneDVD2 to burn movies or do you write an Iso and use Nero to burn?

Here another scan of the “interesting” area.

I use DVDClone to burn movies, and I can’t say as I’ve noticed any problems like that…

It’d be pretty easy to try… If you are consistantly having that type of problem it would be worth trying to burn one with ISO data etc… I personaly don’t think that will solve it, but who knows.

I have something similar on my MCC004 but in the PIF section at 0.75GB, usually I can hit a high of 60 PIF errors in a clump but no extra PIE’s

It looks like it could be a bad media batch as the error looks like a spot on the disc, check under a bright light for any unburnt areas, if you see them and they are in the same spot on each disc then its upto you if you want to reject the pack.

Have you tried a disc from a different batch or make?

BTW the error spike some people see when using CloneDVD2 etc is usually of the order of 50-500 PIE spikes, these are noticable. This looks like a media defect but to check you can make an ISO of the movie and burn it in nero.

I currently don’t have other comparable media at home (only InfoSmart01 for testing purposes). But I will buy some and compare, and also try to burn an Iso with Nero.