Benq 1640 - Verbatim dvd's still skip

So, I just crossflashed my Dell drive to a Benq 1640, using BSLB firmware. I use Verbatim dvd- media. I use a very good Dell computer with 2 gigs of ram to burn my dvds and I don’t touch my computer when it’s burning. I also use the qsuite tools to help improve the quality of my burns and I use Adobe Audition Pro 2.0 to burn my media.

The problem is that my media still skips in my dvd player and my clients are having the same problems with their dvd players as well.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need a new burner? Should I be using Nero to burn my discs?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve also been burning my dvd’s at 8x to play it safe and I’m still getting skipping issues.

r- ?

There area lot of helpful threads here so I’ll just start with simple issues:
Is your hard drive fragmented?
How much of your memory is in use?
DMA on?
Have you tried burning with other applications?

Sorry I did not read it properly, I did have problem with the latest R-, even scan fine with other scanner too but it skip in the dvd player, alot of wrong batch with the Ver R-