Benq 1640 tray open-close problems!

I am sure this had been disscussed many times but my problem is rather strange !
The drive now wouldn’t open normally if there is no disc inside the tray , with disc in it “usually” opens but sometimes it wouldn’t !!!
When inserting the disc , the led wouldn’t flash and the disc would come out again , I have to push the tray during its way in to make the disc seated well in the mechanism of the drive .
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

It sounds like the gear that’s used for moving the tray is one tooth “wrong”. I had something similar with a Creative dvd-drive. I had to take the drive apart to change the orientation of the gear/tray. Whether you have to turn the gear clockwise or counter-clockwise I cannot tell, just try both possibilities and see what’s working best. Maybe you even have to move the gear 2 teeth, but never more!

And before you start, mark the “zero” position, so you always can get back to that.

In a BenQ 1640 [mine was a retail] it’s a belt drive system with some sort of microswitch sensor. I found that the belt kept misaligning [similar to the tooth issue above] and that pressing the emergency eject hole while the drive is powered and can’t eject will provoke a violent eject. This tends to cause it to work again, and eject violently, then over time it gets softer and softer and slower until it seizes up again. Try at your own risk, if it ejects too violently for your liking, slam it in with moderate force to make the belt start slipping and it should return to a normal sort of ejection

Try at your own risk, I repeat, but I’ve done it to mine 8 times or so now cos i burn at heavy volumes and it keeps farkin up