Benq 1640: to get or not to get



Hi I’m new to this forum and was referred here from another forum. I am looking to buy an internal dl dvd writer. I initially wanted a lightscribe and was leaning towards the Benq 1625, but after reading reviews decided against it. Here’s what I’m down to: I’ve read both reviews posted here on your website: the Benq 1640 and the LG GSA-4163B. Both are given the “editor’s Choice Award”. Benq 1640 is said to be “an unpolished diamond…and the best drive…reviewed” . The benq, however, has more negatives listed than the LG. If they’re both the editir’s choice, are they equal or is one review older? Any recommendations or comments from those who have experience with these two? I want to get the best that I can! Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.


The LG GSA-4163B is an older drive then the 1640.


BenQ 1640: to get!



Hi :slight_smile:
The LG 4163b is a very good all round performer, but it’s about to be replaced. So future support may well become sparse. Also it’s beginning to show its age. Unless you want RAM read/write ( in which case either wait for the new LG, or probably better the Nec 4550) then BenQ’s 1640 is the drive to go for. “the unpolished diamond” is truly beginning to shine with latest f/w & QSuite 2.


I would get one although some people are having problems most seem ok…


CAnn, I’m not aware if you’ll get the Malaysian or China-made BenQ1640, but there does appear to be a new “batch” out, manuf’d in July 2005, so at least if you buy, you might find it manuf’d at that time. I would “get,” but buy from an online store or a brick and mortar store with an excellent return/exchange policy (that’s basically no hassle). As you live in CA, NCIX may be a good online merchant, but wait and see if someone recommends another good merchant to buy BenQ from in CA. :wink:


I just got a 1640 from NewEgg, made in China July2005. Worked great right out of the box. Flashed to the new firmware and it records almost as good as my 716A. for $40 you can not go wrong


You’ll have no regrets if you buy the 1640 lolzzz… honestly…



Which is the one to get: the one from China or Malaysian?


I would go with the LG 4163b - it’s a great drive!


Hi :slight_smile:
There has been a lot of speculation about country of origin, however as things seem to be stabalising now. It’s more likely that it was early batch problem.
I returned 4 in as many weeks when 1640 first available in UK. (2 possibly 3 damaged by local courier, now no more.)
I currently have 2 in my main pc & 1 spare. Also have 4 in another for comparing f/w reliability heat solid burn etc. This pc is on 24/7.
Of these 5 are Malaysian, 2 China. Not noticed any significant differences between them.
Most users do seem to favour Malaysian. It’s my belief either will do you proud.

Edit: drives date June - all bought within a four week period from differing sources due to availability.


Aside from the overspeed ability (which is a pretty moot point now that 16x media is more widely available and affordable) I don’t see what the 1640 has over the 4163B other than DVD-R DL burning capability. The LG is certainly faster by default (16x DVD-R burns at less than 5 1/2 minutes consistently).


I think the LG actually performs better at 16x than does the BenQ which seems to be more reliable at 12x.


Hi :slight_smile:
If you have a LG 4163b that your satisfied with then fine.
On the other hand if your looking for a new drive then the LG is starting to show its age & can be fussy about certian media/software.
The BenQ is in its infancy & so far f/w upgrades show it to be going in the right direction. Solid Burn means that the 1640 should in time make the most of any media at any speed.This is important when considering availability/cost. So although X16 is more common now, with price falling, X8 is still cheaper.
I feel if your looking for a new drive you need to look ahead & see which drive is likely to be better in 6 months time.
And what about D/L when will its price come tumbling down, cause its unlikely to stay the same or increase. For as we all know HD etc is just around the corner.
P.S. Don’t forget X16 RAM


Hmm - I wanted a Benq as replacement for a (almost) perfect NEC 3500 but bad availability (i’d have to pay 20€ more for Benq) made me go for the 4163. I have a 5163 that’s so good that it was only curiosity that made me consider the Benq. I don’t care for RAM or DL and i expect perfection from the 4163. I chose the older model bc it’s well tested and should work for some time. (Or i’ll just put the 3500 back) :slight_smile: I don’t consider Blue Ray etc until i’ve seen good results and i think it will take a good while before it works well :slight_smile:


Right now, I don’t have a DL drive. I want to remove my cd-rom drive and replace it with a DL as I also have an hp dvd writer/cd-rom writer combo that came with the computer. My son works for a an electronics place and can get me a DL if they have it available. He thought that they were able to get the Benq 1640, but it turns out they don’t carry it. They do have the Benq 1625 litescribe, but after reading the reviews…I think not. He also has the LG which I mentioned as well as a Sony Dru800A, but I am not sure…? Any experience or know anyone that has the Sony? I really just want a very good DL DVD writer that’s reliable and produces good results. I don’t care about the speed too much as I ususally burn my stuff at a lower speed anyways…just to be safe. I could wait as you suggested…Right now, I can get the LG from my son for about $100 (canadian) which would be what he gets it for or I could try to get the Benq elsewhere. Just don’t want to pay out more than I have to right now. Or I could just wait…


The Sony DRU-810 is a BenQ DW1640 OEM, maybe he is able to get it.