BenQ 1640 the best drive ever!

I have 2, except for tray sticking on occasion i feel they are the best burners i have ever owned, they do it all very well for me, the ONLY burner i’ve owned that will properly burn a DVD-DL!! using BRSB of course.

I liked every BenQ DVD burner I own though the 1640 was the only one to do OK burns to DL with BSRB like you mentioned.
They really shine at regular dvd’s, too bad LiteOn got their grubby mits on them and stopped developing firm ware for them:a
The 1655 could have been a even better drive if it had more then three updates…

I have the the rebadged Plexie and it is by far the best I had also:iagree:

Yea! (just chiming in). :bigsmile: