Benq 1640 Supported Burns speeds

I was wondering what are all the supported burn speeds for the different types of DVD and CD medias? I checked the review here for the 1640 and I think the info listed there only shows the maximum speed that it can burn each type of media. Thanks!

if you know how to play with media code edit, you can use that to open the firmware file that you are using. In there you can see the speed supported for each known media.

I currently don’t own a Benq 1640, but am interested in it. I was hoping just the general supported speeds, like what speed the burner can physically do regardless of media preferences. I guess more of the theoretical Minimum speed is what I am interested in.

Don’t know about any “theoretical” minimum speed. :confused:
Physically burner can’t burn at other speeds than what they are laid out in burners firmware.
For BenQ 1620/1640 2,4x is the lowest burnspeed on any DVD media.

Remember, BenQ 1640 is a high-speed burner that burns best at medias rated burn speed. DVD discs version 1.0 are not supported.