BenQ 1640 - still worth buying?

Looking to get a backup drive and I have seen some 1640s on sale here but the new drives are coming out like LGs with lightscribe and the pioneer dv111. But the 1640 had such a good review so I was wondering is this still worth getting ? :confused:

By the way the price of the 1640 here in manila is about US$40 while the others are about $45

Also - i am getting a Sony 820A as replacement for a g120 that went south after 3 months :doh: so the 1640 will be installed as the second drive in the same system with the 820A

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do you actually need lightscribe? If so the 1655 has it, if not then the 1650 or 1640 will most probably be the better bet for you.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

  • lightscribe to me is one of those nice to have things but it takes the back seat to drive performance. Been leaning more and more towards the 1640 despite the “latest” models

Well I have a 1640 and like it, though I feel unfaithfull to my old reliable NEC2500A, as it hasn’t failed me yet :bigsmile:

Heh exact same here but 1640 + NEC 2510 :slight_smile:

Buying a 1640 now instead of a 1650 wouldn’t be unwise though i’m not sure which is better (might depend on what you’re burning in particular).

And what about the external EW164B?
No more firmware updates since Dec.2005, but it’s a 1640 in an external box.
Quite disappointed!!!

I have both a 1650 and a 1640.
Burn quality wise, my 1640 is just a little better,
probably because the fw has had more time to mature.

Edit: The 1640 is a wee bit quicker in burn times too.

Hi :slight_smile:
Answer is simple if using mainly 8x media get the 1640. If using only 16x media get the 1650 (or 1655 if you want LS).
If your going to use DL/ DVD rewritables, Pioneer 111.
The 1640 does have the edge on quality & speed over the 1650/1655, with all media except 16x. This is as a result of finer tuning due to the more mature f/w.
This is pretty much as Chuck44 has stated in his post. :iagree:

1640 hands down!!, i tried a 1650 and it immediatly gave me a error and bad burn, my 1640 NEVER did that, i bought a another 1640 Compusa norwood micro, shoved the '50 in the box and said FAREWELL!!
I still have working Plextor 708a, NEC 2500 and 3500’s and now 2 1640’s

I agree with Zebadee, if you are going to burn 8X media at its rated speed then the 1640 is great, even 8X@12X with good media is fine but the 1650 or 1655 has the edge on 16X media.

Thanks so much for all the feedback - will be leaving this morning to get the 1640. As always this board is always a big help. Have a great day all!


The 1640 is about as good as it it gets-

As you can see below - I have it paired up with the LG 4167 and it is a very good combination-


It really depends on your personal luck. At first I had a 1650, which was a desaster. A few days before a friend got a great 1650s, but mine burned very badly inspite of WOPC and SolidBurn. By the way: the 1650 quality scans looked very good, but other drives had problems reading the disc in the end wih 16x. So I tried the 1655: slightly better (quality scans perfect), but not as good as my previous NEC3500 yet and again problems with other drives reading the discs at highspeed. Another mate got a really good 1655, mine definitely wasn’t. Then I tried the “old” 1640: after the first burn the tray wouldn’t open - very impressing for a new burner. A reboot solved this problem. Tis was the only problem a had with this drive. In my opinion it’s very reliable and the quality with 12x is superb (for instance Verbatim 16x+R @12x are highly recommended). 16x depends on the media batch you get, but 12x is absolutely fantastic.

I consider BenQ 1640 is still one the shining star of BenQ “Optical” products and top burner.

for basic use and wanna be safe, get benQ 1640. And the BenQ 1640 is becoming rarer so act fast.

The Benq 1640 is about extinct for my locale. 2 months ago I tried to find another 1640. of them/ Ebay-wanted over $65/tigerdirect and other places-no dice.

I ended up getting the 1650-which wasn’t available in the USA then.I ordered it from canada. Very good drive, but the PIF scans aren’t even a match compared to my other 1640 burner. A week later, got in their first shipment of 1650s, UGGH!

Usually Compusa DVD-RQ 16X brand are 1640.

The COMPUSA brand NORWOOD MICRO 16x dvd burner can also be a rebadged BENQ 1640. But from what others have posted here they can also be the BENQ 1650. The NORWOOD MICRO’s will say on the box DW1640 or DW1650. My local COMPUSA has only the 1650’s now.


PS/ my 2510a,3500’s are still working :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: , but not my new 3550/4550 :Z :disagree: :sad: