BenQ 1640 spotting

Anyone seen a 1640 for say which isn’t either on eBay or from some German website which is actually out of stock?
Just wondering what the official release date is, and if it will ever hit the UK market - or should i just buy the NEC 3540 as i can get my hands on one tomorrow . . .

Should be getting mine within the next few days and I think it is worth the wait. My test piece was really fast (faster than the DW1620 using the same media) and the burns gave beautiful scans as well, can’t show them screenies though (NDA still!).

Are there any advantages of the NEC 3540 over the DW1640, besides DVD-R DL? Somehow, I feel that DVD-R DL is an obligatory wannabe product from the DVD Forum trying to do catchup to +R DL.

Mac, if you cant show the scan, then tell us how fast? You mean faster than your 5:20?

Edit: link edited.

damn zevia, you are truly one speed freak, really quick to zoom in on this thread barely minutes after I had posted.

I am sad to tell you that I can’t tell you that even if I want to cos the tests were all done before QSuite was made available so the burns were all done with WOPC activated. On average, the DW1640 tester I has was roughly 10-15s faster on the same media (with WOPC). Without WOPC… I can only tell you that after I get the retail set this weekend (hopefully).

10-15s ?? really? is it because P-CAV?