Benq 1640 speed problem( big one)




I have a new BENQ DW 1640 and I am having a big problem with transfer speed. Judging by the Nero-Speed CD-DVD tests I have made, it doesn’t go faster than 1.5- 2.5X, which is kind of weird. I have another drive, a DVD reader/CD-R recorder that came with the pc and has “normal” transfer rates.

Apparently, nothing is wrong with the benq driver,so doing some search on the web I have come across the topic of the DMA vs PIO on the controllers.

I have this unit on the secondary IDE as drive 1 and it seems is on PIO mode and I can’t change it. The other unit is drive 0 on that same seondary ide and it has the DMA settings. I tried to switch between the two of them, putting the old one in Drive 1 and the Benq in Drive 0, but I get the message that driver o is not found and the pc doesnt recognize any of the drives…

So…I am kind of lost…


hey amp:
have you checked the master/slave setting on both drives? btw what kinda drive is the other drive? did you try just the benq by itself? do you know how to change from pio to dma in device manager? are you using a 40pin 80 wire ide cable? that should give you plenty of stuff to do some leg work on. search the forums; there is plenty of good information here.


Hi, yep, the old one is the Master and the benq is the slave. The other drive is a Hitachi DVD/CD-R( 48X). I have tried to change the settings on the device manager but I still get PIO on the benq. As for the cable, there I am not sure, I would say is 40


Go here:
Pay close attn: to the end of article, especially this part:

Sometimes the DMA/PIO mode “sticks” and won’t change when you try to select DMA.
You can delete the secondary channel IDE controller from Control Panel. Then reboot your system and the system will reinstall the controller when you reboot. This often fixes this problem.

Hope this helps,
Use 80 pin cable