benQ 1640 Solidburn oddness noticed

Has anyone noticed this, I seen it with BSLB and new BSMB fw

after fw flash the solidburn tables are cleaned, ok no entries and

SB off/on
OS off
wocp on

burn some known media, and scan the results.

now do this

SB on/on
OS on or off does not matter
wocp on

burn the same known media so you get table entry.
scan burn it should look as good as SB off or usually better.

return to defaults and clean table so you have zero entries

SB off/on
OS off
wocp on

now burn the same known media
scan the media notice how its worse then scan of known media you did before with SB off and tables clean.

I have no idea why it acts like this if anyone does Id love to know, also more test should be run on this, oddness

I have a suspicion, but don’t think, it should actually be like this: Maybe, by cleaning the table it does not only erase what it learned about that known media, but erases the whole writing routine for that specific media?! :eek:

I was thinking this too, but that would be crazy. Then again who says fw programers have to be sane

Anyway due to this oddness I have taken to running with

SB on/on
OS on
wocp on or off as needed

All the time.

Well, I can’t think of anything else, that could cause this otherwise. But that’s a huge bug then…!

Or a feature. :bigsmile:

We need others to try this and see, then we can tell if its my drive or all drives problem. you have to do test after you flash but before you ever turn SB on or you wont see it once you turn solidburn on and have not done pre solidburn scan you’re out of luck.
now true the discs you get after solidburn is off again and table is cleaned are still usable they are not coasters. But they do seem to have many more pie spikes and higher pie level over all the pif level seem to be about the same. I wish i had saved some scans , but many times i scan but dont save when test new fw, if saved every scan my HDD would be full hehehe.

Mine is already. :bigsmile:

But I’m not very keen on testing this. :wink: I have only burnt one disc with BSMB so far, and it turned out quite good. So I’d rather change anything, before I burn a few more. :stuck_out_tongue: I have Solid Burn turned off for known media at the moment.

Maybe a dumb question, but what version of QSuite do you use? Latest? Is is possible that this is a bug of newer version?

seen it with 2.0 and 2.1 updated to 2.1 with MB

Thanks for your reply. When I’ll have some spare time I’ll do some tests


you will only see the higher level if have not turned on solidburn for known media and got a scan , if have already turned it on and burned the media and then off and cleaned it you may not see higher level as you dont have anything to compare to. you can only get first scan after you first load fw. reloading fw does not return it to state it was in after first fw load.

Can be useful do all scans with a liteon 1693?

I did my scan with 1640 as wanted to see jitter, but i would think you would see higher pie level on 1693 scan too as higher is higher, and you should see it on what ever drive you scan with.

Hi :slight_smile:
However if you crossflash to BEFB & then back again. This results in “virgin” f/w. The following results in scans will then follow a similar path.
However, I personally have not experienced the effect that your finding. May look further at w/e.

As i said it needs looking into, and its not really very big change it does not go from good to coasters, just seems to have more spikes and higher pie level

It is so hard to pinpoint anything with test like this. I have found that with all branded media that no 3 or 4 disc will burn the same. The quality varies so much from disc to disc.

Hi :slight_smile:
Could you post a scan or two to illustrate, as I’m not able to duplicate this IMHO.
The only differences visible that I get are no more than experienced normally as G_Ivan Awfulitch has pointed out.


I didnt save the before scans so no I cant but, like I said its odd, and someone other then my self should see if they see it too. For all I know maybe you need reboot after clean maybe something in drive was not 100% reseting.

here is dual scan of ritek R03 SB off OS off WOPC on and off, this is from after i had SB on and then cleaned the table as you see the level are still good but the levels on same media before i ever used SB after fw update were a bit lower.