Benq 1640 setup

I just bought a toshiba satellite a85-s107. I am going to buy the 1640 probably. I’ve been researching for a little bit, I know I need a external enclosure but do not know if there are any differences between them. I do not have a port for firewire so usb2.0 will have to be used. Does it have lightscribe or is that only the 1620? I still do not know which disks to use. I heard use rw b/c you’ll screw up but then - or + R. Please help me out

Many of your questions are answered on sticky threads. Keep a look at these, or use search function.

you should get a firewire pcmcia card its faster and takes less resources then usb and it aint so expensive costs 20-23$,only benq 1625 have lightscribe anyway lightscribe takes too long for just a single cd/dvd its much faster to use a printer (many printers for example epson r200/r300/r800 can print on cd/dvd media)

basicly diffrences are

a) material some are made from plastic and some from aluminium
aluminium is much better then plastic with heat disposition so aluminium is better

b) fan, some external enclosures have a fan (40mm on 5.25 / 80mm on 3.5)
in general its better to have one with a fan as the drive will likely last longer if cooled,also the burns might come out bit better if the drive is cooled as heat might affect the burning quality

c) some have usb only and some have usb+firewire

d) not critical , most have an on/off switch but some doesnt

i assume you alredy know this but just incase you dont, there are 2 types of external enclosures 3.5 and 5.25 , 3.5 is for hard drives and 5.25 is for optical drives

Hey phil… don’t know where your info is coming from or did it change. As far as I’ve read and experienced, USB 2.0 is a bit faster than Firewire. USB being 480 Mbps and Firewire being 400 Mbps. As far as an enclosure and if your in the states, go here. They have Plumax enclosures with a fan for about $24.00. I have 2 of them (USB) and they work great. Have one for an external HDD and one for my Litey 1633 and have had 0 problems.

Yo Sportsmell-

As usual - you are wrong again pal-

Firewire is faster than usb 2.0 in storage devices - see this article and its conclusions:

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Hey crackheadMike… Nice hearing from you again. But what ya smoken again??? You can’t even read your own info in your link? Go figure. As I stated, and as your link states, max speeds for USB 2.0=480Mbps and Firewire=400Mbps. Granted it isn’t a lot but it seems I said just a bit faster. Read your own article ya over aged Hippy. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t argue with your article cuz it says exactly what I did. Read again. I’ll even post it for you.

im with bigmike on this one,and i suggest youll look at this article
and do yourself a favor and look at the benchmarks on the link bigmike gaved

Hey Mike… Here’s another little quote from your link.

Although the USB 2.0 is speedier than the FireWire,

And you say whaaaaaatttttttt???

You really need to get out of that salt.

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You’ve gone and done it again - read the first few paragraphs and come to some bull$hit conclusion - do your self (and the others around here) and read the WHOLE article - and you will see what I am saying is true-

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And after you reread mine - then read the link that Phil posted above -


Hey phil… We could turn this into a pissing match all night long cuz in reality we are both right. But the bench mark tests are for HDD’s and we or I am refering to DVD drives. At least thats what this thread is about. But either way they are so fricking close it really doesn’t deserve any argument. One couldn’t see any difference with the human eye. But then again, Satch isn’t human.:bigsmile:

Go snort some more salt you old Buzzard. If I couldn’t read, I wouldn’t of found the last statement at the end of your article about which one is speedier. Don’t whine to me. It’s your article that stated it ya flippen Baby. Hey this is starting to sound like old days, eh Mikey…:bigsmile:

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Ya mean this quote:

“Although the USB 2.0 is speedier than the FireWire, the latter beats it when used in high-speed storage devices”

A DVD or CD-R/RW is commonly known as a “High Speed Storage Device” to the point that he uses them both in his testing - and has come to the conclusion as shown-

If you are going to argue - then do it with complete quotes - not the partial one that seems to prove your arguement-


Hey Satch… The numbers speak for themselves. 480 is 480 and 400 is 400. I think your head has been inbetween the beer warning a bit to long.:bigsmile: Don’t anyone bother trying to figure that statement out as Mike and myself are probably the only ones who know what the hell it is. To bad for them eh Mikey.:stuck_out_tongue:

Back to being serious, I’m just speaking of personal experience with the drives. My DVD enclosure has both firewire and USB conections on it. I’ve done tests with both and have consistantly had higher quality scores with the USB connection than the firewire. Could be my puky:Z HP. Don’t know but that is a fact. Therefore I will stay with USB on the enclosure.
Now my case is closed!!

Although USB2.0 supports data transfer up to 480 Mbps while Firewire 400 Mbps, but in practice Firewire can sustain higher throughput because of the different architectures between them.

Data throughput measures drive’s data access time and data transfer rate and one category of data throughput is burst rate. You can see the graphics in bigmike7 link above that Firewire can reach transfer rate above 30 Mb/s while USB2.0 only around 15 Mb/s.

For 16x DVD burning we need at least 22-23 Mb/s burst rate, thus… it can only be achieved via Firewire. Using USB2.0 enclosure for DVD burners is fine but you are limited to 12x max.

This I can not argue. But I still get better QS with the USB2.0. I can’t argue that fact either. Go figure. :smiley: Although I’ll be interested to see what the firewire 800 will do. That should kick some serious A$$!!

Glad to see that BigMike and Sportfish have that settled. :clap: For a minute there, I thought I was going to have the nurses increase their medications. :doh:

I can figure that out. Burn and scan 10 disks each using USB2 and Firewire, and see what happens. :wink:
What I’m saying it is only media variation as well as other external factors while burning. :slight_smile: How much different in QS, Sportfish?

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Just do a little Googling Dog Breath and you’ll see a bunch of facts. Your article was about as two faced as a dope feind. Make up your damn mind. First ya say it’s speedier and then it’s not. Guy who wrote it must be from the Bay area snorting salt like you. :stuck_out_tongue: