Benq 1640 scanning too slow?

Hi, first of all sorry for my very newbie questions, i just made my first 2 DVD burns and my first 2 quality test with benq 1640 and Nero DVD speed, in the first quality test i set the speed to maximum and the average test speed was 1.5X, in the second test i set the speed to 8X and the average actual speed was 0.8X this last test took about 1h 10m to complete, is this normal? another thing which surprised me is that there were NO PIF errors, what am i doing wrong?, i have DMA enabled and the normal DVD reading speed seems to be ok judging from the data transfer tests, help appreciated, Thanks

Download latest Nero CD-DVD Speed v. 4.10. :wink:

Perform quality scan at 8x speed setting.

Thanx :slight_smile: , i just did, the test started at 4X and ended at 8.20X, is this normal?

yes its normal

Yes the speed increases during the test