Benq 1640 retail package "poor"?




I am jsut wondering if it is normal that you buy “retail”, and you get less than other companies deliver when you buy bulk?

my retail package included:

  • some paper
  • a cd
  • drive
  • 2 (two!) screws

it did not include an ide cable, audio cable, detailed documentation, nothing one would expect, not even enough screws for fixing that drive!

So, what are the 10€ more for retail compared to bulk worth?




Hi :slight_smile:
This what you get
See here


That’s funny, mine had 4 screws :stuck_out_tongue:
Over the bulk the retail comes with a warranty card (2yr warranty) and has qsuite on the disc. Not alot, but the warranty is enough for me :slight_smile:


Also … I think the OEM version has a generic looking faceplate - ie. no “Benq” marking on it (if that’s important to you). Worth the extra dough? As dicer mentioned, the warranty is probably what would sell me on the retail (esp. if it’s 2 years!).


The one thing that i like about OEM version though (other than the cheaper price) is the eject button. The retail version has a very thin eject button and i just don’t like it. Not as solid as the rest of my drives, NEC, lite-on. The OEM Benq has a more square/rectangle of a button rather than the thin line the retail has. Pics in the other ‘oem vs retail’ thread:


I think the retail package should include some media :slight_smile:

2 screws? You may got a special version of 1640


well my retail package also came with a grand total of 2 screws


You could always buy the PX-740A for $90.99 and then be part of the club (IGFC). :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


say it ani’t so. benq got rid of the multi colored led :frowning:


-Quich install guide, warranty card
-Two screws
-Program CD with QSuite
-Retail face plate with benq logo.

-Nero 6 CD (without Qsuite)
-Bulk front which differs and has no BenQ logo.



received an email from BenQ saying that 4 screws, ATA66 cable, Audio Cable, 1DVD media is included, and that I should contact my retailer to deliver it.

So I ask again: who got that full retail content, and who didn’t? I bought mine at Amazon in Germany, please tell what you got in your package.




Lol … looks like Benq owes a bunch of retail buyers a couple more screws and some cables. But, ATA66? Lol.


I got a datasheet pdf from them that really states that ninbang, unfortunately I cannot find that datasheer on their homepage, do you know where to get it?




FYI: BENQ has just sent me the missing stuff, including an emtpy Media, ATA66 cable, 4 screws, etc. Thanks BenQ, great service! :slight_smile:




am heading to store to get another 1640. I am going to read the package content and check the content inside and will update on this


WOW!! That’s excellent.

But … wth happened to all of their Retail packages then? Seems like pretty much everyone ended up with just a couple of screws and maybe a Nero cd. That’s one MAJOR screw up in the packaging department for them to forget to include the rest of the items that are supposed to be included in the first place. It doesn’t seem isolated unless all these retail packaged Benq’s are coming from one specific product packaging & fullfilment location.

Fantastic burners, but they’ve really got to get their act together. Lol.

Too bad it wasn’t an ATA/100 cable. :slight_smile:


Not a big loss because ATA-66/ATA-100 cable standard is the same, 80 conductor 40 pins (39 pins to be precise). :slight_smile:

BTW, my BenQ 1620 has no problem delivering excellent burns at 16x when connected with an old ATA-33 IDE cable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh … ic. Thanks for the clarification. That’s good to know. :slight_smile:


Could you post the contact information at BenQ.


This is exactly what I got in the retail pack and it was the same for a friend. We purchased ours in the UK.

Also, I did not see anything about a two year warranty for the retail version. It seems that it is the standard one year in the UK!