Benq 1640 Retail or OEM?

Im about to order a couple of benq 1640’s but i have found the retail drives for £29.68 Inc vat which is only fractionaly more than the OEM.

I know it must seem a no brainer but I was wondering if there were any links between whether its a retail unit and where it was made as i think the ones made in malasia are meant to be better.

To be honest i am a bit put off of OEM drives ever since i was shipped my plextor 716 in appalling packaging.

I am using an OEM one. The retail version has different looks. If you like the retail, go with the retail.

By the way, which retailer has that low price for a retail?

oh i forgot to mention

thats where you can get retail driver for £29.68 inc vat

Good price. The picture is wrong though. Make sure it’s the real retail before you buy. :wink:

This is how it should look like:

From the DW1640 first look page. Some people hate that thin eject button.

Yeah jsut like my 1620

on ecomerce sites especially computer products there always using the wrong images the description is more important this specifically says retail and it comes with software manuals and stuff.
None of them i need but i do prefer the protection retail packaging provides during transit.

I’m going to sound really stupid now but here goes.

What is the difference between retail & OEM?

i just bought a OEM BENQ 1640 for $41 plus shipping here in the USA and do not regret it. here check this scan i just made with it -