Benq 1640 Released

Was wondering if anyones seen a Benq 1640 in the shops yet? Just if you got to there website its all there as if its out:

Even more importantly anyone seen it out in the UK yet?

I think I read somewhere in this forum that the release date is May 05

Just prettend that for no charge i could trade my phillips DVD8631@Benq 1620PRO with riplock removed…For a Benq 1640 would it be worth it…IT would be an OEM model remember its free. Now also that is the bulk firmware would it be better to get the retail firmware BSNB supported by mediaspeededit. I dont care if its as good only if it would be better…In ANY way and worse in no ways.


can others confirm… the drive is already on its way…but that doesnt mean i have to keep it…And i only burn +r media…

I just think that with teh 1640 being newest it has the most room for improvement…But if someone really disagrees let me know…I am a noobe…And i love my new 1620pro

I’ve never owned a 1620… but I have to wonder when I read that other thread and guys are talking about burning coasters with the 1640… I’ve NEVER burned a coaster with my 1640… and all I burn is +R. Now since I have no experiance with the 1620, I can’t say anything about the differance in burn quality between the two… but I can get .02 average PIF with several differnt types of +R media in my 1640… and I can’t understand why you’d need better then that.

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Seeing is believing

I wish i could just go oh okay thanks but i have no clue what teh hell all that means LOL…I guess I will keep my 1620…But man 8x dl does sound nice.

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If your referring to my post. The point is take a look at the scans with latest f/w. These are typical results of what I get with DVD+R’s.

Zebadee just showed you a some scans… some of his have 49 total PIF and a average of .01 PIF… This is about as good as you can possibly get… I’ve told you that I regularly get .02 average PIF with at least 3 differnt +R media on my 1640…

What we are saying is… the 1640 is a excelent drive… Anyone who says otherwise is not telling you the truth… or they have some isolated problem with the 1640 they were using…

So its a go on the 1640 cool and i will dl the newest firmware for the retail drive and get rid of that crippled phillips firmware. Then I will use the mediaspeededit…Also do you think the 1620 will ever get 8x dl like the 1620…LOL YEAH I GETTING A NEW DRIVE CANT WAIT LOL

ALSO sorry for not understanding your guys anwsers

No problem, we also can not understand your questions :slight_smile:

sorry i ment will the 1620 ever be able to burn 8x dl like the 1640 can…Also why cant i have the red light it fits my newfound christmas spirit so well

Unfortunately no, it’s not in the specs for both (8x DL write speed and led color).

i have a question, i can’t find anyplace to buy the Benq 1640, does anyone know where to get one? I read it was discontinued. If so, is there anything that comes close to it? I understand the Qsuite was best and I really need something compatable with my dvd x copy. Any help would be appreciated.
dr dan

I have hard to believe you’ll be able to find (new) DW1640, but there are DW1650 rebadges still available in US. Read recent posts in this thread
(As per your e-mail link I suppose you live in Florida.)

I think the door shut on 1640s around Christmas time. I bought a new one from for $33 shipped. (Should have gotten more). Since then every site I have seen shows “out of stock”.