BenQ 1640 reading ability

Hi all!

I have recently purchased the BenQ DW1640 drive (firmware updated to BSLB). I got some data written to a DVD-R at my friends’ place. He owns the LG GSA 4163B drive. However when I put the DVD-R into my BenQ drive, it completely fails to read the disc. All I see is the LED blinking for a while and then it behaves as if it were a blank disc. When I took the disc back to my friends place his drive could read the disc fine. We could even copy the files back to the hard drive without any problem at all. Just for information the DVD-R is a relatively unknown brand called edgetec and is manufactured by Moser Baer India. I have similar issues with some other discs of the same manufacturer and burnt on the same drive. My drive completely fails to read those discs. Is this a problem with my drive? I have heard that the BenQ 1640 isn’t exactly the best reader around.

Also I would like to know which other media are in the “stay away” list of this drive. I would appreciate someone providing a list of known media for this drive.

Thanks in advance!

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There are people who appear to have problems reading discs with the 1640. Personally I’ve found the 1640 second only to my Plextor 716. If your using MCSE try unticking speedread box, then reflash drive. If this works you can still use strat swapping to speed up write times. If this has no affect look to drive problem.
N.B. Drives I’ve used from current available include Pioneer, Nec,Plextor, LG & of course BenQ.

Hmm, disable overspeed in Qsuite. That fixes most disc recognition problems on poor quality media with the 1640

I dont think this drive has a “Stay Away” list that is to big, the big no-no’s are the really really crappy discs (like some datawrite Titaniums I have that the stamper didn’t press the outside tracks on). I have tried Fake TY’s, Cheap AN31’s etc etc. Appart from the lack of identification problems (11 minutes to see a disc with Overspeed enabled) they have all burnt with a quality score over 94% which is a MAJOR supprise.

Hi :slight_smile:
:doh: As I don’t have a problem with OverSpeed. forget to mention that this option does work for some.
ajey255 so you could try this.

I have not had time to see if this bug is present in the new M firmware, To many other small non-burning related bugs to try and work around first.

Ajey, it may be worth flashing to the new M firmware to see if that fixes your problem as well.

As I indicated in a previous post, my particular DW1640 has problems mounting CMC MAG AF1 4x DVD-R’s when OverSpeed is on. I can vouch for the fact the problem persists even with BSMB. I finally decided just to leave OS off (WOPC on, SB on/on) because I get quality scans around 95-96 on the CMC media and I don’t mind burning my slow 4x media at its rated speed.