Benq 1640 questions

Hello people and nice to meet you.
I own a BENQ DVD DD DW1640 with firmware version BSLB.
I would like to ask which is the best firmware to use?Is BSRB the latest as cdfreaks report?rpc reports
BSRB / (Bulk) and GSHB as new one’s.
which should i use?btw benq’s site doesn’t have any downloads…am i wrong?
I have never upgraded it yet.
Moreover nero drivespeed reports spin down time 4minutes.Do i have to change it?What does it mean?
The read speed that the same tool reports is for example 48x.what does this mean?if i change it to 4x(of course i don’t have such a choice but it’s a general question) then the drive will work up to 4x if i run the tool at start up?otherwise?
Thank you in advance

As far as I am concern your version BSLB is the best version so far for the BenQ 1640 just enjoy it.

Welcome tasoss. :slight_smile:

which should i use?btw benq’s site doesn’t have any downloads…am i wrong?
BenQ Europe 1640 firmware download.

I absolutely agree. :iagree:

hello and thanks for answering.what about the nero situation?
and another question.i have some audio cds that cannot be read from
my drive.can i do something?they are read from a nec one.

hello tasoss,

You can read about spin-up and spin-down here at:

The read speed (for example 48x for CD) sets the maximum speed the drive will read the disc. If you have difficulties reading a CD then try to set a lower read speed (also explained in the link above). If the BenQ still cannot read the disc then use your NEC. That’s why many of us have more than one drives. :slight_smile:

thank you.finally i discovered that even nec cannot read shows me that it has 14 tracks but it cannot play it.i have tried 2 benqs,1 plextor and 1 nec.
can you please give me some advice on that?
thank you!