Benq 1640 process flashing

I just flashed my benq 6140 to new firmware. Does the tray have to be open when you flash it becuase it was not.

It doesn’t have to be open, but you shouldn’t have a disc in there when you attempt it.

BTW, if you kill a DW-1640, you probably shouldn’t tell anyone. BenQ fans are rather… zealous. :slight_smile:

oh ok. mine is alive and well… best burner ever

It better be alive :stuck_out_tongue:

I killed my first DW1640 with 1655 firmware, but I think I saved quite many other 1640 drives by this experiment. :bigsmile:

Now the dead 1640 drive shares place with my family photos on our favorite shelve. :cool:

The black faceplate for that drive is still worth alot. LOL. Especially if it is a Retail Faceplate.:iagree:

damn, it is still alive?? why am I holding a knife and ready to do something. Ok, gotta put the knife down :slight_smile: You are safe :slight_smile:

No but it’s for sale. Right pinto2 :wink:

No, now the dead drive is a family member and Not for sale. :bigsmile:

whats the best firmware for TY dvd+ media?

I sometimes use TY dvd- too…

Is there a way to obtain a DW1640? I understand Compusa was selling them under a different brand name?

Parato Optimal created and maintains a spreadsheet listing BenQ rebadges… see this post. Good luck.

Ebay has got some from time to time. If you still cannot hunt one down, this thread looks to be shaping up into a nice list of BenQ hoarders who might consider selling a drive to a new convert. :slight_smile: