BenQ 1640 Problem?

I just purchased a BenQ 1640. When I was burning a DVD with Sony’s DVDA3 I noticed the ‘access’ LED on the front panel of the BenQ was flashing a lot slower than I was used to seeing on the Plextor 716A. On the BenQ I am not sure what the LED indicates beyond activity. I checked the burn time it was the same length as the Plextor. To try and get a better understanding of what was going on I tried the same burn with Nero and now the LED on the BenQ was flashing significantly faster and the total burn time was exactly the same. I then tried a DVDA3 burn again and this time the BenQ LED was flashing as fast as it was with Nero. My ‘guess’ is Nero must have turned on a flag in the BenQ to call for data at a higher buffer level. Since the total burn time remained the same I assume the buffer never ran to zero in the lower buffer data level case. I also tried CopyToDVD with the same results. The BenQ firmware level is BSKB. I don’t believe I have a defective drive. Can someone shed some light? Thanks.


Hi :slight_smile:
The led flashing is not a problem. It’s more likely that your HD was delivering the data differently due to some background system activity. As you’ve said the time taken was similar. Leave your computer on untouched & you’ll see the HD led start to flicker when this background process takes place.(this can tke quite a while & I’m sure you’ve got something better to do.)

N.B. No green light no disc
Green light constant disc in drive
Green light flashing either reading or writing media
The above applies to a healthy drive.

Thanks for your response. The LED I was referring to was on the BenQ 1640 not the HD. When I burn a DVD with CopyToDVD or Sony DVDA3 the BenQ LED flashes at a very low frequency. When I burn the same image with Nero 6 the BenQ LED flashes at a much higher frequency. In all cases the burn time and burn speed were the same. Since the burn speed and time were the same I ‘assume’ Nero was setting the buffer under level to a higher level filling it more frequently. It does not seem to effect the burn but I wondered why the other applications do not set the buffer under level the same as Nero.

Thanks again.


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry it seems I’ve confused the issue by mentioning HD led.
I realise that you were refering to the led on the 1640.
As I said the frequency of the led on the 1640 is not that important, it can vary due to s/w - hd activity etc.
Time & quality are the main considerations.

The HD led was mentioned simply as confirmation that activity can take place due to background services (anti -virus etc). Even though no other process is taking place. This is why some folks turn off all non essential services when burning.