Benq 1640 Problem/Taiyo Yuden Media/Issue with an old Player

Hi, I’m new to this forum and just recently purchase a rebadged Benq 1640 from CompUSA (their Norwood Micro brand) from the suggestion of many of you guys. I crossflash it to a BSOB firmware since I usually only use DVD -R media. I have Taiyo Yuden 4x TYG03 media. My question is when I burn this media with my new Benq, The dvd does not read on my old Panasonic dvd player but works fine on my newer player. Now the issue is I have an old burner (I believe it is a DVDRW burner, which doesn’t have dual layer burner capability) and it works fine with the Panasonic. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem so I could play it on my Panasonic using the Benq other than buying another player for my living room? Thanks a lot.

The TYG03 media is 16x , not 4x that you quote.

If the speed option you’re being offered is only 4x then the firmware does not recognise the media so defaults to 4x burn speed & write strategy. Could be it ain’t burning them too well.

There’s a new firmware available.
But anyways what burning speed you’ve exactly used? Also you can try next time some +R media and change the booktype to -ROM, maybe this would help.

I purchase these TYG03 media as advertise as 4x from I believe they do this because these were not up to par with the standard of TYG03 media 16x. I will try to burn this at the higher speed of 8 and 16x. Hopefully this will work. I’ll come back to let you know if this will work. Thanks.

I have purchased from both Supermedia and Shop4Tech and have been sent TYG02 (8x) and TYG03 (16x) when I purchased their bulk 4x TYG01 discs. The TYG02 and TYG03 discs I’ve been sent instead of the TYG01’s have all been really good, but you should be aware that many 1640 owners have experienced pretty bad quality burns using TYG03’s. Many people say that the firmware isn’t well optimized for TYG03’s - I don’t know if the newly release BSPB fixes this problem or not. I ended up burning my TYG03’s on my Pioneer drives.

OK I tried all of your advise and it looks like nothing is working. I tried to burn the TYG03 at 8x and 16x, updated the latest firmware, and burn then benq 1640 with a +R. My panasonic dvd player still does not recognize the dvd. I have just purchase TYG02 dvd -r to try that. I prefer using Taiyo Yuden media. Is there any suggestion how to fix this problem? How do you change the bookmark to -Rom?

Some older panasonic dvd players cannot playback DVD+R media whether or not it’s booktyped to DVD-ROM. My suggestion is to go to and look in the DVD PLAYER section for your Panasonic model. Check to see your dvd player is able to read DVD+R media.

There is no need to booktype DVD-R media to DVD-ROM. When you used the DVD+R media did you booktype it to DVD-ROM? What software did you use to burn the disc? Need more info from you.