BenQ 1640 or Samsung In New Computer

Been thinking of getting the Samsung SH-203B. Just built a new computer and put the Pioneer 212 in it. It was all I could find at the moment. But I need a second drive. My motherboard (Asus M2N SLI Deluxe) has 6 sata ports and one IDE port. I have a BenQ 1640 in my old computer. Should I pull it and put it in the new computer? It would be nice to keep using SATA. But I will use an IDE cable if necessary.

Well, I went ahead and pulled the 1640 from my old computer and put it in the new one.

wow look at all the replies…just kidding. Anyway how do you like the replacement? You can always pull and replace back the BenQ. My older machine has a 1620,1640,and a 1655 in it. My new build only has a 1655.

My heart is still always in BenQ forum section, no matter what… :bigsmile: :flower:

My BW1640 risides nowdays in our HTPC box. But one day maybe it will be back in my main rig. :smiley:

My old machine will probably stay down for a while. I’m debating whether to just get it running again or upgrade it.
The 1640 works like a champ in the new system. But I know when it dies I will cry. :sad:
I still want to buy the Samsung when I find one.
You can never have too many burners. Right? :wink:

The 1640 is my fav over all. The more burners you have the more options you have with different medias and such. For me it’s more of a hobby.

I only have 4 BenQ’s. Some here have many many…

:bigsmile: I’ve got some but others have many more than I do! :wink:

Well i was not going to name names :stuck_out_tongue: