BenQ 1640 or NEC 3540?

Looking to buy a DVD writer in the next weeks or even days . . .
. . . so which one takes your fancy? (Included other for the ackward people - or those who like LG)

BenQ 1640
Pros: Book type setting on all + media
High quality + media reults
Full reports/testing reults
Cons: No -R DL
Not the very best for - media

NEC 3540
Pros: High quality results on all media
Supports -R DL
Cons: Only book type setting on +R DL
No Full reports/testing reults (or does it have some, cant remember :confused: )

Considering my main interest lies in +R DL burning which one would you recommend?

Aaaaah i bet i’m going to get a load of bais now as its only in the BenQ forum, kind of defeats the purpose of doing it . . .

BenQ 1640 without consideration… Still… you don’t know how good or bad BenQ 1640 writes DVD-R(W) disc… there aren’t many scans available yet. This goes also for Nec 3540.
But if they are similar in quality as previous models then definitly BenQ 1640. =)

Then ask a moderator to put your thread into a neutral territory. =)

We have neutral territory? Thought we only really had the different kinds of burner sections, is there a none specific burner section ? ? ?

Yes, this thread is in that neutral territory now :slight_smile:

Question: How many people here own a 3540? It isn´t avaible in Germany

Not many, its only just come onto the market (well at least in the UK if you interested) Wish i lived in Germany want the BenQ but i want a driver now and can only get the NEC . . . patience was near one of my virtues . . .

Ta :slight_smile:


I´m looking for a new writer, but need more input :slight_smile:

I think I´ll wait for some reviews for the 1640

Makes no sense to vote on something that cannot be reviewed and compared :frowning:
As if people here have short memories, forgetting that even same brand might have different quality for different models …

I fully agree with that.
At the moment noone can say how good or bad both drives perform.
I mean sure a few scans are available but the point thats most important is how consistent the scans are i mean.
I bought a 1620 heard many good things about it same with nec 3520a and i bought in the end a 1620.
My problem now is the so called hq media performs worser then the low or midquality media.

I’m looking forward to getting my first DVD burner. These two seem to be the best choices for potential new DVD buners. What I can’t find is a release date for either in the US. Any guess when most US sellers will have them in stock?


i am consider these two as well, -R DL is important? any new model from Benq?


Because I like Dee’s avatar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 3500 and I’m waiting on the 1640, not yet out in the us(some time in june).
BenQ has more F/W updates and after no PI and PF scaning for the 3500 I’m looking forward to it on the BenQ. :slight_smile:
Good luck with what ever you get.

I got my 3540 3 weeks ago and if you can’t wait get it :slight_smile: It’s not bad at all.
I’m still waiting 1640…
Plextor PX-740A is marked as 31.05.2005 on sale, here in Estonia.

I decided to go with both drives :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll keep you posted :bigsmile:

I hope you have much time for making and posting scans :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw a few scans of the BenQ 1640 on the -R media in the forum, they look a lot better than my BenQ 1620 with B7V9 firmware. Right now I have 2 drives, NEC-3500 and BenQ 1620. I use my BenQ drive strictly for +R media, +/- TY and MCC, the rest of the -R I use my NEC drive. If BenQ 1640 improves write quality on -R discs and still retain high quality on +R, then I will definately jump on the wagon and give away my old drives. I dont really need lightscribe since it takes forever to print and the media are so expensive and only CMC is making lightscribe discs. I am also hoping to have a chance to look at the NEC 3540 user reviews so I can make my decision when both come out.

Scans of high quality media or low-cost DVD-R? Can you post a link to the scan-topic?

Maybe the 1640 produces better quality because it don´t overspeed like the 1620 pro?