Benq 1640 or DW1650-0B1

Whats the difference? Wich one should I buy? what does this 0b1 means? or theres one 0b3?


Would suggest getting the 1650 - as the 1640 is now dated and the firmware support appears to have slowed or maybe even stopped and the 1650 is a variation on the 1655 - without the lightscribe feature - and is currently firmware supported by BenQ-

Don’t have a clue as to what the ob1 stands for - maybe someone else knows-



The 1640 is the best drive I’ve ever owned and the 1650 and 55 are reportedly better. “bigmike7” is right though, the 1640 is now outdated.

If you can get the 1640 significantly cheaper, I’d say go for it. The 1650 is slightly better at burning 16X +R discs, but the overall quality improvement is not huge from my preliminary tests. I’d say its main advantage is that it’s a quieter drive.

With some MIDs (notably MBI +R mids), with its present firmware my 1650 is not as good as my 1640 was, this will probably change with firmware upgrades.

Another advantage of buying a 1640 is the huge knowledge background on this board for this drive. The 1650 hasn’t been out for long so there is not much feedback.

Either drive will be fine, anyway. :slight_smile:

I have a sony 810A that I crossflashed to a 1640 and I am very pleased. I get about 4~ max PIF per burn and 8~ Max PI. About 98&~ on the quality tests. Keep in mind I have no experience with any other drive, so I’m ignorant on this subject!