BenQ 1640 or better waiting for Nec 4551?



i´m using a nec 3520, but i think it´s time for a new writer. i have read a lot about the BenQ (qualitie burns … :clap: ) so i think it´s one of the best writers at this time. but whats about the new nec? will there be some tools like BenQ´s QSuite :eek: ?
when will the nec be sold in europe?


Hi :slight_smile:
BenQ’s 1640 is here now & with f/w updates, QSuite 2 (Solid Burn/OverSpeed)
is proving to be a good /possibly great drive.
Nec’s 4550/4551 should be around in about 6 to 8 weeks, however f/w making anything like the best of this won’t appear until the end of the year possibly even Jan 06. This is as a result of having to wait for 16X RAM certification which should happen in Dec 05. Nec’s speed of releasing f/w is not that prolific either. Since 3540a came out only 1 f/w (although this is in its sixth edition). Whereas BenQ’s 1640 has had 6 f/w releases. The difference being each change of Nec’s has been so slight as not to warrant a new title. BenQ’s f/w updates have been quite significant on the other hand.
If you want RAM & like the “feel” of Nec models it’s probably best to wait till the new year. If not then BenQ is here now.


yes it´s true, i hate waiting for a new firmware so long.


DVD Forum already cleared 16x RAM defs and standard, but from some days now not even a word about the NECs, specially 4551 that is supposed to support the new label burning methods+


the 1640 is fantastic, but i always like to try new things :slight_smile:
if the NEC has the features you want, and gets some excellent reviews, go for it!