Benq 1640 or benq 1650

Hi folks,

what should I buy, my shop offers me a 1640 or 1650 for the same price.


What country are you in?

Both are very good burners but I would suggest DW1650. I believe the DW1640 is not produce anymore, so for future warranty purpose you will be better off with the newer drive.

Germany, the 1640 (black,bulk) for 49 Euro the 1650 (black,bulk) costs 48 Euro. (1 Euro = 1.2 US$)

Is the read and write quality of the 1650 as good as of the 1640 or is the new one just faster (and sloppier)? And please don´t ask me, why the 1640 is more expensive, than the 1650, I´ve absolutley no clue!



Here in Italy is hard to find the DW1650 at the moment, while the retail DW1655 costs 69 € and I still have to find a bulk DW1655.
So I chose to buy a DW1640 for 40 €.

I don’t own a 1650, but from the posts I’ve seen in this forum it seems to be at least as good as the 1640.
If they are about the same price I would go with the 1650.

Agree. :iagree:

Where I live the old 1640 costs 5 euro/7$ more than a 1650.

I own a 1640 and a 1650… Both are stunners in how they perform. From what Ive read and experienced both are gretat but the 1650 produces less spikes on the outter edge of discs at 16x. Some media thou Ive read on the net don burn on the 1650 as good (due to its age of its firmware). But from media Ive used TDK+/-, Verbatim+/- etc… they perform about the same or on the 1650 slightly better.

Note: whatever drive, + media burns way better on BenQs…

Maybe this thread will help you. Asked the same thing 1 week ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

ooops guilty, didn´t search :o

Thanks for your answers, I´ll get the 1650 after work.