BENQ 1640 or 1650

helloo everyone

i,m new to alll this so bare with me please.

i need to get a dvd-writer soon and i need to know is there any major difference in the two. is it worth waiting for the 1650.

any idea when its due to be released in the uk?

Is the 1640 has a quiet operation like the LG drives?

I mostly need it for ripping my movies and p$ 2 games., would these be drives up for the job.

perfered media Verbatim or datawrite, so speed is important

thanks :confused:BENQ 1640 or 1650

Get the 1650 it has the new Benq/Philips Chipset and use less power than the 1640

thanks BENQ 1640 or 1650

This has been discussed so many times! Get the 1650 or the 1655. It’s more quiet since the noisy cooling system has been left out and it has awesome writing quality already with the first firmware version.

The cooling system is exactly the same on both the 1640 & 1650 (I have both here infront of me & they look the same)

The 1650 / 1655 has a newer revision chipset than the 1640 which solves a few problems (16x DVD+R Writing bug)

Hi :slight_smile:
This matches what I’ve understood to be the case. Looking forward to some great scans from you now.
“May the scan be with you.” O’thankyou to be BenQ (1650/1655)

It doesn’t really use less power though, only different. Less on one rail and more on the other. In any case the difference is neglible.

helloo all

thanks for the suggestions, i cant really find the 1650 or 1655 for retail, i did find the 1655 oem.

The uk usully gets stuff later than everyone else, there are no reviews i can find.

so its quiter and burns slightly better than the 1640 any ideas on the release

hmmm thats odd, I was under the impression you Europeans had an easier time finding the 1650-1655 than us Americans.

Hi :slight_smile:
We do. I guess it’s relative though. It appears that distribution flows from east to west. Hence Greece or Germany get stuff a couple of weeks before us.In the case of the 1650/1655 there is almost nothing to be seen of the 1650. The 1655 is currently available, but only oem & black. Beggars can’t be choosers.

is actually the other way round i’m sure

i emailed Benq and still havent got anything yet from them, the us got the oem and retail us just oem and thats a mystery as is not available everywhere

here in germany 1655s appeared some weeks ago but were sold out rapidly. there are some shops who have the oem version of 1650’s. but many online shops have the 1655 with immediate shipping. it’s no problem to find the newest drives in europe. at least germany, italy, norway and france get the drives sooner than the us market.

not the same in the uk

i keep reading abouta spike at the end of the write of the 1640 is that big deal

It’s just cosmetically uncomfortable. The PIF spikes exist when you burn +R media at 16x on the 1640 (and 1620) AND scan it in a BenQ or Lite-On drives. The spikes don’t exist if you scan with Plextor & NEC drives, and Audiodev CATS. There will be no Transfer Rate slow down because of these spikes.

@ Zevia

thanks for that, so is not a big deal, for writing for games or dvds

you see my pioneer a07 is gone hey wire and i need a dvd-rw i read lot on the 1640 and was just about to get it and than heard the 1650.

i need it for that purpose really and its beeter if its even quiet like the lg and apparently the 1650 is have you got a BENQ your self?

Hi, is the 1650/5 a better reader than 1640? and is the 1640 a better reader than Nec ND3500?
I own a 3500 and a Samsung dvd-rom n i have here a couple dvds that are unreadable by those two drives but they’re readable by my Yamada dvd player. Would these benq (1640 or 1650/5) be a good choice?

Quite Better