BenQ 1640 online in europe

Has anyone here bought their BenQ 1640 online in europe?

Here in Sweden they only have the 1640 in black for sale.

Yes, i’ve mine ordered in germany, for about 59eur. Retail!

OK rapid fire. Can you give me the address to that onlineshop? :slight_smile:

Here are two good online shopskmelektronik and mindfactory :wink:

Might me being stupid but do the shops deliver outside Germany?

I also live in Sweden and i don’t want a black one.

More stores that delivers inside EU

bulk for € 53.88, retail for € 59,26 (excl. shipping, included taxes for Sweden).



wow thx a lot :slight_smile: just made me happy

I’ve corrected the post… you must add shipment… and it is a bit expensive. :sad:


Not that happy anymore. But on € 71,99 inc Packaging and postage.

Around 665 SEK. Well i guess thats an OK price.

Shipping I[/I] on above links is 19 to 29 Euro.

71,99 Euro (incl. shipping), is still a good price compared to prices in Sweden. :iagree:

Hey there

How about this shop where they sell the burner for about 44,50 €

Well became a


for € 75,42 (inc. shipping, included taxes for Sweden).

Around 697 SEK a few SEK more but then it’s retail and not bulk. :rolleyes:

I just received two of these today I purchased an OEM black drive and a retail White version for my two PC’s. They are fairly cheap over here (under £30). I must add that the two drives I received were slightly different the white version has a very thin but long button on it and the black (OEM) vesion has a much fatter but not so long button. The faceplate on the two drives is also different, the white retail version is not flat whereas the OEM black drive is. But apart from those differences the burn quality is excellent so far even though I have only tested on one brand of disk (a fortis DVD-R x8 supposedly TYG02 that are supposed to be fakes) burnt at x12. I haven’t yet updated the firmware from BSGB to BSKB.


A coincidence RedDwarf…
I just ordered a black 1640 from (Canada) yesterday and it arrived today.
Cost 62.57 +10ship +1.88 insurance +5.21 tax = 79.66 canadian.

The funny thing was, I was listening/watching Red Dwarf Season 1, #1 as I was putting it in :slight_smile:

Bought mine last week from neweeg (OEM) for $40.99+Shipping and tax for the total=$48.53.

it did get a lot better after the first season when Kryton entered the series.
For anyone who still wants a white BenQ drive, I know of a place in the UK that has stock and ships to Europe and worldwide. They charge £29.37 including sales tax (to Europe), which is about € 43.32 but excluding delivery, it does not state the delivery cost to Europe because you have to contact them to ask how much it will cost. It shouldn’t be too much though as I have ordered stuff from Europe before and the costs are only slightly higher than inland UK deliverys. They charge £4.99 for UK delivery so that is pretty decent.