BenQ 1640 on the fritz, what to put on shortlist



My trusty BenQ DW1640 has started to click when media is inserted. Sometimes it doesn’t read media and for the first time is giving me coasters.

What commensurate new DVDRW’s should I be looking at?

I almost exclusively burn +R media normally MCC004 or Yunden T02. Quality of write is more important than scanning capabilities.

Is their any benefit to SATA connections? I’d prefer IDE as that will save me having to get a longer SATA cable.



Longer sata cables are safer than long IDE cables, btw there are no real advantages in having a sata drive compared to an IDE drive.

My suggestion is to get a NEC/Optiarc 7240 (a sata drive). If I’m not wrong, the equivalent IDE of that model is the 7200, but I don’t know if is still available in the market :frowning:


Or the newest 7260 drive which just appears to be a updated 7240, just depends on which you can get the best price on or find. I have both and either one seems as good as the other.
Only thing is it’s possible they MAY stop doing firmware updates for the 40 now that the 60 is out so something to consider.


Thanks for the suggestion. Can’t see the 7260 at my main etailers so the 7240 will have to do. You were right on both account, 7200 not seen anywhere. SATA is no great problem just have to move stuff around in my case, but they only seem to be in black. Arghhh!



They both are available in the computer beige color as well but more then likely your local supplier doesn’t have them.
I use a big Stacker case and the center piece all the external stuff goes in is black so black works well for mine, though sometimes with so many all black drives in there it gets hard to pick out the buttons and things:bigsmile:
My old LGh22n Memorex burner has a black face with a silver tray so it’s the easiest drive to find out of all of them and still blends nicely with the case seeing how it has silver trim and sides.


7240s drive has arrived and so far I’m quite impressed with it. I forgot to add that I would like to be able to change the bitset. Is new firmware needed or can it be done in software?


If I remember correctly, a modded firmware is needed.

Take a look here.