BENQ 1640 OEM Master Jumper Settings



Does someone have the jumper setting diagram for making the BENQ 1640 the master controller?


Same as all my other burners. Looking at the back of the drive. CS|SL|MA


Hehe. The jumper diagram is there it is just really hard to see. I found if you get a small flash light and hold it at an angle on the top back of the drive you can see them quite clearly. I had to ask the same question. HTH.:slight_smile:


I believe it is stamped on the case on top.But barely legible,you have to hold it up to the light to see it and then barely…o-well a little slow 1 min lol


I just got mine today. If you look at the drive you will see the diagram. They barely etch it in but you can see it. You’ll probably have to get it in just the right light. I think it was on the top all the way at the back.


You can also rub it with a pencil lead to make it stand out more.


Thanks guys/gals. I found it on top of the drive and I installed the drive without any problems.