Benq 1640 Now ulitmate - r burner after bsmb bye bye nec 3500

man i read some where that the bsmb firmware focuses on -r minus now and from this scan i can say WOW

Media crappy legacy 8 x -r(gsc003) overburned @ 12x solidburn enable and wopc disabled
the problem with this media is if it was burn over 4 or 6x the media would crap out and pif/pie would go in the 900-thousands but look @ this 12x burn

wow nice burn, and on legacy media :yikes:

I’m sure benq will work the bugs out that some are experiencing. I always use +R, but that scan makes -R tempting :slight_smile:

This not really a good representaion of decent burning you better try to burn a full capacity disc (4.38GB) and then scan and see how is it look like.

One thing about the cdfreaks forum; there is always someone eager to rain on your parade. Like TCAS above.
I disagree with his assessment. The burn is a good one for the file size. Not every DVD needs to be 4.38 GB.
Nice burn, HBK. Now try a larger file size as the above suggests.

Your right in what you’re saying, though I would be surprised if it got much worse but as you never know. Lets see a scan of a full disk burn HBK. :slight_smile:

I have some crappy RitekG05 giving me PIE of a million and over. I have a few left but I may just try BSMB. I would be amazed if they improved as much as yours seemed to have. (Gonna still hang onto my 3500 for a little while longer :))

TCAS is very correct. I would especially be concerned with a media that “crapped out” when burned at different speeds. This is not raining on the parade. We just don’t want you to think things are great if there is still a potential for trouble.

If this media is good to the end, a lot of BenQ people would like to know.

That burn looks great. I actually ended up having to ‘revert’ back to BEFB on my 1640, because BSMB was unable to burn & verify my super-ultra-crappy PRINCO 1x DVD-R’s. I was, however, temporarily fooled into thinking the drive could produce good burns on the garbage PRINCO discs.

Burns on those discs look OK - quality scores in the 90’s - up until you start hitting the 4.0 gigabyte mark. Around 4.0 gigs into the disc, the PIE’s and PIF’s start increasing exponentially (not linearly), which leads to the appearance of POF’s. So, in my case, not burning a disc all the way to the end of the disc can certainly mask potential burn quality issues that show up only at the end of the disc.

I’m pretty sure the 1640’s FW does not support 1x media. If you want good quality on those disc’s you should find the MID code and add that to the FW using MCSE from ala42, then swap in a better writing strategy.

Of course this media isn’t “good”. That’s obvious. HBK even called it “crappy”. I like to use lousy media I’ve accumulated just for these short burns. On non-critical things, certainly.
Like this:

I get your point.

Thank you and I got yours as well, chas. I just think sometimes it’s nicer to maybe say- “Hey that was a nice burn on crap media for 3 gig file. Why don’t you try at least 4 GB and see what you get.”
That’s all.

In addition to the other points being made here… I hope you’re not burning anything important on these discs that you’re going to want to look at a year or two down the road. Try scanning this media then and I think it will come out very different!

Yes, “anything important” should be reserved for the best media possible. If you read my previous I used the words “non-critical”.

sorry for the lack of responses guys didnt think no one would have been interested in this thread.

here a 4.37 scan

Wow, HBK! that is a very good burn all the way around! The jitter is very steady, the PIE total is very low and the PIF is very good. Now it will be interesting to see more burns by others using -R media, to see how much improvement the BSMB is over previous fw, but burning the same -R media for comparisons.

he a good one too enjoy

I’m interested to see a Nero CD-DVD Speed “create data disk” at 12x and follow by Quality scan with this media. Would you mind wasting one media for us? :slight_smile:

here ya go mate

All these burns are just short of being in the all of fame with the Big boys(tyg02 ,cmc …)

That scan is definitely excellent for GSC003 media!! Congrats to your great drive.

BTW, your date/clock shows 21 Mar 1999.

lol yeah i am running a software that has expire so living in 1999 makes me use it for a next six years LOL