BenQ 1640 new firmware and Verbatim, very bad mix!



Would just like to say to all the people out there that using Verbatim discs with the latest firmware BSHB has been a complete disaster! So far i’ve managed to waste 2 discs out of 2! :Z seriously unimpressed as i know these discs will work fine with the old firmware, so i’m converting back! :a would just like to say to any BenQ engineers who may read this thanks a lot of give a half backed firmware which has generally just p_ss_d me off.

For the 1st disc i burnt it couldn’t find the second layer which is a general probably only ever found in the new firmware (even my rubbsih DL disc use to at least burn on the 2nd layer before) on the 2nd dead disc it burnt all the way through but it can’t read the 2nd layer at all . . . this is nice just nice time to put the old firmware back on . . .


Oooh i stand corrected on the 2nd burn the the 2nd layer is readable just theres such a massive massive massive spike at the layer change it makes the disc worthless!


Well i thought i’ld just make sure this firmware wasn’t complete cr_p before down grading so i did a burn at 2.4x on another Verbatim disc . . .
. . . on BenQ how we love you! :Z


i have no problems with verbatim DL disc…

MID: MKM 001
Type: DVD+R DL 2.4x rated
Burned with: Nero CD-DVD Speed
Burned at: 8x DL
Burn time: 15:06
Booktype: DVD+ROM
Firmware: BSGB
Burn : 17


will try one on the new firmware soon…


And so ?


Qualilty score 70, PIF max 23…

I think that´s not real good.


ditto! new firmware test please :stuck_out_tongue:


you guys did test burns on DL media :(???

that’s alot of $$$


A lot of $$$ if you pay for it only.


I’ve found that BenQ drives vary widely in quality, and some drives simply work better with different firmwares than others. There’s no single “BEST FIRMWARE” for all BenQ drives. If the old one worked, why not keep it? Why upgrade at all if it’s working fine…


To support more mediacodes for instance…


For the adrenalin rush during flashing. =P