BenQ 1640, Nero and ME

I’ve installed a new BenQ 1640, upgraded to the latest firmware, drive into my machine together with the Nero software that came with it. It has turned my previously reliable Windows ME machine into a freeze prone nightmare. When using Nero I keep getting a screen freeze up and a message about “MSQSRV32”?
Any suggestions?


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Check and make sure that the jumpers are set correctly on the back of the 1640-


MSQSRV32 stands for (Windows 32bit message server) and performs a number of functions, one of the common occurences of this error message is when your drive has trouble identifying/reading CD/DVD’s and stops responding…

Make sure you have “latest” (heh…) NeroASPI installed.
Also heck your current aspi layer with Nero InfoTool.
Go to and download forceASPI. First kill your existing aspi layer (killASPI) then run instASPI.

BTW, a visit to M$ KnowledgeBase might also help.