BenQ 1640 & MKM A03 DVD+RW 8x

I received my brand new BenQ DW 1640 recently, and today I noticed a
burn speed issue with MKM/Verbatim DVD+RW 8x (MKM A03) media, with only
2.4x and 4x write speeds available in Nero I also ran DVD
Identifier and did not see any write speeds reported above 4x.

What’s more puzzling is when I looked at BSKB firmware with the latest
MediaCodeSpeedEdit, it says 6-8x for MKM A03 strategy. I also have a
Plextor PX-716A that will burn MKM A03 properly at 6-8x P-CAV. On the
BenQ 1640, however, attempts to write at 4x result in failure.

I currently have exactly two pieces of MKM A03 media, one of which I
used to test with the PX-716A, and the other one has been reserved for
testing with the 1640. The media is probably pre-production or
engineering samples, and so may not behave identically as production
media. Thus, I am trying to understand:

  1. Does MKM A03 media code block indicate only 2.4x and 4x write speeds?

  2. Why are the MKM A03 write speeds offered in Nero mismatched with the
    indicated write speeds for the MKM A03 strategy in BSKB firmware?

  3. Is it necessary to use the Overspeed feature in QSuite to get above
    4x for MKM A03?

Your MKM A03 media violates the spec. The $92 value at byte 0 in the media block hexdump causes the problem. In ECMA-337, defining +RW at 2,4x and 4x, this byte is defined as Disk Category and Version Number for this document, see page 33. $92 is the identifier for 2.4x or 4x RW disks.
A RICOHJPNW21 8x +RW disk has $93 at this address. I could not find a document on the ecma site specifying 8x +RW media, but have no doubt that 8x media needs a different version number. See Ecma-349 to see how 8x +R media is handled.
This problem was also discussed
Overspeed is not available with RW media.

Ala42, thanks for the clarification. I hope MKM/Verbatim will make the proper corrections before MKM A03 goes to full production.

It is interesting that my Plextor PX-716A (FW 1.08) can burn MKM A03 at 6-8x PCAV. I have posted some scan results at this burn speed in the Plextor forum.