Benq 1640 led

Just got the 1640 (bskb firmware) installed and have a question about the access led on the front of the writer.
Is it normal for the led to stay on while a cd/dvd is inserted, even if it is not being accessed?
I find that the led is always on even if the inserted disc has not been accessed for some time. This happens with audio, data and dvd disc inserted.
Thanks in advance for any comments.

Sorry, I found the answer in the BenQ FAQ section.

Welcome :slight_smile:
This and much more is answered in the sticky F.A.Q. for BenQ/Philips Optical Drives (1 June 2005) thread.

Thanks, I found it after I posted here.
Overlooked it when searching prior to posting.

The Only thing I hate about this drive is that stupid led, hard to see and almost useless. My old Lite-on was brillant orange for Burn and could be seen across the room.

Take off the faceplate and gently move the led up a little bit.

Unfortunately that won’t change it’s color. :bigsmile:

I concur.