Benq 1640 learned disc counter is still 0

I havent tried the nVidia drivers just to make the counter work… As long as it shows the media learnt, its working for me…

You will encounter other problems related to the nVidia drivers down the road… Its just better to use the Microsoft ones…

I agree, do not use the nvidia drivers just to fix a cosmetic problem because it might cause a real conflict in other areas.

Overspeed enabled - I think. Have never tried it this way but might be interesting

I have this same problem. I will check my IDE drivers when I get home. However, in Qsuite 2.1 under the General section…it always displays N/A regarding whether the media code is in the media table(BSLB). I only use MCC 003 and MCC 004 so I am pretty sure they are in the table. Is this also a known issue?

Its the same with my Philips, but I don’t know why when I was still using my Nvidia drivers it was starting to count but never passed … 1 learnt media!!!
With The MS driver it always shows 0 learnt media!!!

NF3 250GB chipset here, counter works with MS IDE drivers… I never use nvidia IDE…It does cause problems in the long run…

If you have a “Motherboard” that uses Nvida chipset then do not use the nvida IDE drivers use Microsoft drivers and most likely you be OK.

NF2 mother board, MS drivers