Benq 1640 learned disc counter is still 0


I bought Benq DW 1640 dvd re-writer yesterday. It came with the firmware BSHB made in china. I have upgraded the firmware to BSLB without a problem. I downloaded the qsuit ver 2.0 from the website and installed it. My question is, I have used Solidburn and its activated for both supported and unsupported discs. I wrote 2 Prodisc R03 and its written in EEPROM media information. Its in the first box but Learned disc counter is still 0. Its not changing. I have searched the forum but couldnt found a solution. Need help :doh:

It’s a known cosmetic bug, don’t worry about it.


It would still be interesting to find out why. Is it software, chipset, registry? ect. Mine works fine and I have had two 1640 drives.
Mine is: Intel 875 chipset (IDE Drivers), WinXP Pro SP2. ASPI 4.60

My QSuite 2.0 had filled up with media codes (6) and when I burned my seventh MID the first one disappeared. I also have an Intel chipset, WinXPPro SP2, and ASPI 4.60., so I don’t think that is the problem. I even have Quikees WOPC Tool on my desktop.

That was my question.:bigsmile: So far we have two Intel with SP2 and ASPI 4.60 and both our counters work. Just interested in seeing what is different about the Machines that the counters don’t work in.:wink:

I have nforce2 chipset MS drivers(default) installed, winxp sp1, aspi 4,71 and counter is 0 :rolleyes:

I will bet that the nvidia chipsets are the problem. They are problematic in other areas also.

Well I guess the score is 2-2 then. I got nforce (1!) too, with MS drivers. No Adaptec ASPI, never ever. I guess I could test it on another board, but I’m too lazy right now. Ok, I’m just lazy in general.


Well there are probably a hundred thousand other possibilities but it might give us an idea.:wink:

I have nVida250-3 Chipset on my M/B and the counter works perfectly.

does it affect the performance of solidburn in any way ? as both my rigs are nforce 2 based and im looking to get a benq 1640 soon.

No not at all, like Qyngali stated above its a small (cosmetic) bug that doesn’t trigger the learned Media counter for some reason and we are just trying to guess what it is.:wink:

what are the prefered settings for solid burn? The defaults are similar to the ones above?

Hi :slight_smile:
Personally I have SB activated for both known & unknown media. OS enabled as SB can be over keen reducing write speed.(media is usually mediocre for this to happen) WOPC off, makes a great difference when using + media.

OS enabled?

nForce2 over here and the counter doesnt work either…

hmmm, there should be something with the nforce and qsuite then… Installing nvidia ide drivers may fix the problem?

Maybe can fix THIS problem, but many users (not all) say that nVidia IDE drivers give them many burning problems. It’s very strange that some users haven’t problems with nVidia drivers and others aren’t able to burn at all with them :confused:

Then you have to choose between running Microsoft IDE drivers and having less problems with transfer and burn speeds or nVidia drivers because it makes a counter work…

Not a difficult choice in my eyes…

Installing nvidia drivers worked for u?

btw SW IDE drivers v6.21 is good and was giving better transfer rates than ms drivers when I was using Nu tech, then I uninstalled it to try something out with kprobe.