BenQ 1640 in the US

Anyone know where I can still grab one? :doh:

Hard to find now. Get a Plextor PX-740A at Best Buy and flash it to BENQ 1640. $40 after rebates.

CompUSA has them in their packaging.

I got one mfg in Oct 2005. Firmware says GSLB. So I’m thinking CompUSA bought a bunch of OEM drives and packaged them in their boxes.

Thanks for the heads up. They are in stock at my local Comp USA.
I am going to watch the Sunday ads for a sale and try to grab a spare to tuck away. :slight_smile:

picked up one 2 days ago. be careful. there r 2 diff brands in box. the 1640 “surprisingly” has part number on box of dw1640. then there was some other drive, has a round eject button. don;t remember what part number was. also, boxes have no security tape, so u can just open them up and check. comes with both faceplates too.

:eek: can you show us a picture please?

no go on picture. i didn’t buy the round thingie drive. i bought the 1640. came with oem firmware and i have already crossflashed. will burn some discs tomorrow with drive, still rebuilding pc after adding new os drive.

Sony 810A is BenQ 1640. Get it at BB, CC, WM.

CompUSA has the Hi-Val on sale this week for $39.99 after $30 rebate. Good possibility it can be a re-badged BenQ 1640.

The Hawaii COMPUSA stores have the BENQ DQ60…I peeked in the boxes! :wink:
I’m waiting to see if the COMPUSA brand 16x dvd burner will be in tomorrows ad! Not that I need more BENQ 1640 drives! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got a new DW1640:
From Computer3g

BENQ DVDRW DW1640 16X E-IDE/ATAPI 2MB with Nero Software Cool Grey Bulk



Subtotal : $44.99
Tax : $0.00

Orderd on 01/17 recieved on 01/25 Drive is made in China with an August build date - came with BSJB

someone on this forum is going to be pissed! apparently computer 3g is notoriously terrible for keeping their site updated with what’s in stock, and a few members ordered 1640s only to be told they didn’t have any!

lucky you! haha

3G doent’n have any.I was on waiting list since jan 14.Just got my refund back.I called they have no idea if they will get any or when(1/28/06)Sorry guys no luck on that one. :frowning:

i’d call and complain if you were on a list since the 14th. the guy that just posted in this thread ordered on the 17th!

I told you guys they were bad with showing what was in stock and what wasn’t!!

They have a couple of different 1640s on their site - I ordered the D170DW1640B which was “cool grey” maybe fotoguy was trying for a black one.

right,no black ones

Uh, to my knowledge the 1655 can be had at most places and it is every bit as good (if not better) than the 1640.

Thank’s for the info Jesterrace,i"ll look in to it.

It’s a little more expensive but newegg has it (OEM) for about $50 shipped. See other posts in this forum.

$50 +$4.98 shipping that is the price for 1655 @newegg not $50shipped.