Benq 1640 in the UK?

Any place to buy one?

Anyone? Anywhere?

On Ebay, German supplier - about £47 + delivery charges. I’d rather wait.

No. So far, DW1640 is exclusively available in countries that were defeated in World War II. :a :slight_smile:

€ 65-70 in Germany
Â¥6,500-7,500 in Japan

Better say the two leading countries in Eurasia. :slight_smile:

DW1640 in Japan costs under 6,500 Yen at Two-top and Faith in Tokyo.

Revenge is a sweet best served cold (or something like that). Pretty cold after 60years.

So, they are practically giving them away from the start… $60 is awfully cheap for the Japanese market.

It’s also on shelves in Taiwan for about $80 USD… :Z

Ive just emailed Benq UK asking when it should hit UK shelves, lets see if they get back to me, its a longshot but you never know :slight_smile:

You should call and fax, that will get their attention!

BenQ UK Ltd
Ground Floor, Spectra House
Boundary Way
Hemel Hempstead
Herts, HP2 7SJ
United Kingdom
Main Phone Number: 01442 301 000
Main Fax Number: 01442 301 099

P.S. If you sound cranky and keep asking them for directions to their office, maybe they’ll even send you what you want! :slight_smile:

not a bad idea :slight_smile:

If you sound cranky

best put my Mrs on the phone then :slight_smile:

…if she reads this im a dead man :wink:

I said

Hello, please could you tell me when the new Benq DW1640 will be hitting UK
shelves, thank you for your time.

BenQ said

We believe it should be sometime in June.

Best Regards

Well there you go no specific date unfortunately.


I didn’t think it’s especially cheap considering it’s Akihabara. BenQ doesn’t have a big market there and the brand has no premium value either. NEC, Hitachi-LG, Pioneer, Toshiba, Matsushita-Panasonic are the leaders. (BenQ and Lite-On are Taiwan companies and not strong in Japan. Samsung also has a very small market share.)

Maybe DW1640 is overpriced in Europe. :slight_smile: Consider the PX-740 based on DW1640 price in the US market. Some people will probably buy PX-740 for under US$100. (Plextor is that kind of company that buys at US$50 per unit and re-brands and sells for US$200.) I’m sure DW1640 price will drop to under what DW1620 price was at its release time.

Pixmania now list the Plextor 740A [BenQ 1640], asking price is £51/€74 for the retail model strangely the bluk version is slightly more expensive.

Stock is due on the 6th of June so BenQ is probably going to make available the 1640 to retailers around the same time, if not theirs always the Plex…

guys do you think there wil be difference between PX740 and Benq 1640 in terms of writing quality & overall performance?
I mean should i go for the cheapest one or should i prefer one of them?

Since they both use the same hardware get the lowest cost unit. When the CVT files become available you will be able to X-flash to one or the other. Which firmware is better, we will have to wait and see…

They are “probably” the same firmware wise [no way of being a %100 certain till someone gets one], hardware is identical bar the face plate.

I had a Plex drive which was a rebranded NEC ND1100A and I just flashed the NEC firmware to it so I would assume Plex are just going to change the drives name in the firmware from BenQ 1640 to Plextor 740A and thats all.

Their are already .cvt’s of the 1640 firmware available so you should be able to cross flash it to the BenQ retail firmware.

Tick tock.

On the Plextor forum people say that the 740’s firmware limits the drives capabilites in comparision to the Benq firmware.