BenQ 1640 "in stock" in Canada and USA

For any fellow CD Freaks in Canada who are looking for the BenQ DW 1640:

Or the US:

great price tho i’ll wait till a reputable site starts stocking them (ie newegg)

These guys seem pretty reputable, but I agree I prefer Newegg! I don’t know what is taking them so long to get these in stock…

Thx for info…

I just ordered the BenQ 1640 from NCIX


How much was shipping on your order?

3 day delivery with extra insurance was @ $19. ( a bit high…but I don’t mind)

It’s coming “OEM”… meaning that I’ll need the cable, or only that there is no software, and I’ll have to go to the BenQ site for firmware…?

I am sure it will be delivered with firmware :slight_smile:

Sorry… not what I meant…

Updated firmware…

Retail doesnt come with cable here at any rate… so need one anyway.

only comes with two screws too, cheapskates.

Hard really to tell exactly which one you will get – “B” is usually retail, “G” is usually OEM - but I’ve gotten retail on OEM before. Most people seem to think the “B” retail firmwares are the best. Let us know what you get and how you like the service from Ncix.

2 Screws? thats cheap, good thing I still have my crazy glue

What, you don’t want one for $2.99??

wow, and pretty cheap too!!
hope they will have the black soon :bow:

Black at Ncix…

it’s 51 usd but $15 shipping =(
gonna wait til price is lower

I will be holding out til I can get a Retail Box one. (I like the face plate much more on the retail drive). Glad to see its finally hitting the U.S. :slight_smile:

thats one expensive shipping

NCIX is local for me, they are the very definition of reputable. Check the site, they really encourage user participation with the incentive program… leave enough useful feedback, and you get huge discounts :slight_smile:
For way cheaper drives, check
They don’t have DW1640 yet, but it will be cheaper when they do. I’ve never paid shipping for these guys, but I do business with NCIX and eGlobal all the time. Expect awesome customer service, esp. if you speak some form of Chinese.

NCIX is very reputable; at least here in Canada. Their shipping is a little on the high side though, but they are a very good store.