Benq 1640 has problems with MCC 03RG20?

I keep seeing things like taking over 14 minutes to burn MCC 02RG20 at 12x or 16x and bad scans. I just got some Infiniti 16x DVD-R MCC 03RG20 and have yet to burn any. But Qscan says they are not even recommended for 8x let alone 12x or 16x

I am waiting for Dee to finish the W6 firmware for my NEC 3540 because she has been tweaking the strats for this particular MID. I don’t want to waste any discs just yet. So I certainly don’t want to do a test burn on the Benq (BSJB FW BTW) when Qscan doesn’t even like it.

Please feel free to post scans here of successfull burns here.

I also have had terrible results with that media. The MCC004 is fine but the dash Verbs 16x are horrid, they don’t even burn on parts of the media.

Seems like there are some bad batches out there, but the ones I got has been very good. Worst 12x burn was a 96, most 98-99. Burned 2 at 16x and got 92 and 93 IIRC, so I switched to 12x and was happy with that. Qsuite said ok to burn at 16x for most discs except maybe 2 or 3… burned about 30 of them.

I’ve actually had better luck with these than MCC004.


Hi :slight_smile:
I don’t think I’ve got problems with MCC 03RG20
See my scans on BenQ 1640 SL scans link & let me know

No problems here.

So the DW1640 result thread for a 99 score result, here is one with BSJB firmware.

What does your Qscan report?

QScan only gives you an estimate of burn quality so I wouldn’t rely on that. Quality Scan is much more better to show the burn quality.

zevia already pointed out QScan is not to be trusted.
In my experience QScan many times didn’t even recommend me to burn 16x media at 8x, hel*, in some QScans not even at 4x, although burning at 16x (w/o WOPC) resulted in QS 97-99 % with perfect transfer graph.

The only way to check this media out on your drive is; YOU try it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: How will you then ever know?

my 1620 likes -r better but not by much according from scans.

ps dee is a chick?

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