Benq 1640 for $30

Saw this over at Credit to Bhairav. Here is the original thread from Hardforum. I tried this at my local CompUSA and they wanted to charge me full price. I asked about the instant rebate and was told that it would have automatically been deducted. So I said I didn’t want it and walked away.

This deal was already dead as of yesterday…

It was a price screw up that was supposed to require a purchase of some software (can’t recall the software at the moment). But on Monday people found that it would give the discounted price without buying the software. As of yesterday the error in their systems had been fixed. It was actually FREE after rebate.

yup free 1640’s for everybody. price was corrected sometime late monday. but for all those people that bought the hi-val for $89.00 or $99.00 it may be worth taking it back because i think price is now $69.99 (otd). also if price is $69 the $30.00 rebate does not have any software stipulations. so you can get a retail 1640 for $40.00.

you can get a BenQ 1640 on for 38.99.