Benq 1640 firmware

Allright Im one of those 1640 lovers :bigsmile:

whats the best firmware for this old baby??

The BSRBRPC1 is the last RPC frimware ? Thats what Im on now, should I really upgrade/downgrade to something else? :iagree:

I think most people are using BSLB, I’ve used it with nice results.

Agreed. Especially if you use + media. I use MCC004 and Yuden 000-T02-000 exclusively and get great burns at 12X with this firmware.:clap:

Another advantage of BSLB is that scanning is possible without the annoying pause/slowdown that occurs about 140 MB with every other firmware I’ve tried. I scan a lot with a 1640 :wink:

Agree :iagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
I think the latest BSRB is the best, unless scanning as already mentioned.
Most users have stayed or returned to BSLB.
If using decent media with SolidBurn & OverSpeed enabled the differences between f/w is minimal.
If your burns are trouble free & scan well. Stick with it. :bigsmile:

I’ve found BSPB has proven reliable, and with the full-speed scanning under QSuite (takes 45 seconds for normal and ~ 1’30’ for full scanning on testing at different burn speeds. BSLB is just as good IF you don’t use that testing of write speeds feature under QSuite, because then it will take you a lot longer to do that test scan. Otherwise, if you just burn, I’ve had equally good results with BSPB as with BSLB–but I wasn’t convinced enough to make the switch to RB (didn’t seem as consistently good as LB or PB).

BSMB for me, although testing under QSuite is broken (it sticks) which can be annoying. I don’t do that much speed testing since I burn mostly at 12x.

BSMB had that bug, which BSPB fixed, so in my experience BSPB has burned as well as BSLB, with the quality testing simulation fixed from LB and MB. :slight_smile:

is there BSPB RPC1 version ??

Yes, thanks to The Dangerous Brothers. :wink:

For BenQ DW-1640, I would stay with BSLB. I tried BSPB before and it burns DL a bit better, but still, BSLB burns everything else better. I get lower jitter and everything under BSLB. I tried all the newer firmware all the way to BSRB and roller back to BSLB because it is the most stable firmware for this drive. Check out Office Depot 16X RicohJPNR03 burnt at 12X under BSLB

Which is the best firmware for ripping? I will of course be using MSCE to apply the riplock patch. The 1640 is the only drive I’ve found that rips DVD+9 video discs at 16x

Not sure since I use my BenQ DW-1650v DVD-ROM for ripping, saving my writers for writing. It is just as fast in my experience and was very cheap.