Benq 1640: Firmware support only for high speed +RWs?

I’ve tested the recording with DVD+RWs and the results are bad.
I’ve only tested 4x +RWs (Verbatim and others) because I can not find a shop selling 8x +RWs.
The tested +RWs are used ones (futher burned with LiteOn832).
Perhaps I have to buy some new +RWs for testing.

I’ve bought some 6x -RWs (Verbatim). They work fine. This are my only -RWs - so I can not test how the slower ones work.

Now I’ve checked the firmware in ALA42s MCSE and there are only the highspeed +RWs supported.
CMC MAG W03-000 6x,4x
MKM A03-000 6x,4x
PHILIPS RW8-000 6x,4x
RICOHJPN W21-001 6x,4x
RITEK 008-000 6x,4x
SONY S21-000 6x,4x

And why are the writingspeeds 4x and 6x - not 4x and 8x.

The -RWs are all included in the firmware.

Is there a different firmware (BSHB) available with expanded +RW table?
Is it possible to look into the Plextor 740 V1.01 firmware to see how many supported +RWs are included there?

thanks for answers

Oh no! What are they (at Benq) doing? :eek: They dropped not only lots of still available 4x +R media, but 4x +RW media also, which is still dominant. :a

I have a lot of 4x +RW disks with PHILIPS.041 and MKM.A02. And I’m going to buy Benq 1640 soon. Can anybody post scans of how 1640 burns these media?

Because Benq again forgot to send me their sources and documentation :). The displayed speeds for RW media are guessed and not verified.

Does a decent job with Maxell 4x dvd+rw (Philips 041)

No problem with SONY S11 4x DVD+RW

This TDK Scratproof (Philips 041) obtained relatively great results on the 1620 (QS 97) for 5 burns at was full erased on the 1620.

The 6th burn was done on the 1640 resulting in a so so result as per the attached.

Second graph is a previous burn on the 1620.

Seems again that we must not move around an RW media burning it on different drives.
I’ll try again with a new disk on this drive.

My SONY S11 disc above has been used and abused. It has been burned in my NEC 3500, numerous Liteons and the BenQ 1620. The 1640 burns it better than the NEC and the 1620 but not the Liteons…