BenQ 1640 Firmware (is up on EU Site):

A new firmware revision in out for the BenQ 1640 on the EU WEB site.


Interesting changelog. Anybody seen DVD+R DL 8x media out there…?

Release Notes:

1. Improve the writing performance for DVD+R DL media at 8x speed.
2. Fix Windows only detect master drive when 2 same firmware drives are connected.
3. Add solution to avoid OPU failure caused by coil loose issue.

Hmm, still no 8x writing on Verbatim DV+RW 8x, only supported at max 4x?

No, haven’t seen any 8x DVD+R9 DL media yet, only 2.4x DVD+R9 DL media burned at 8x !! :iagree:

Hey jan70,do you already get it? Wow!!
How does its performance look like?

Any brave soul out there wants to try if they can get the cvt out and crossflash 1620 to 1640? :slight_smile:

I would if I knew how to get a CVT from the file :slight_smile:

Yes, I bought it here in Germany, the drive have been available here for over 1 ½ weeks here already.

I have only burned a couple of discs, so it is a bit difficult to get a picture of the performance overall. But stay tuned for a small 1st look preview though.

Attached is the quality scan of the Verbatim 2.4x media burned at 8x, with the firmware BSDB.

That’s weird, I thought 8x DVD+RW discs were not supposed to be burned at <=4x speeds?

Very nice :smiley:

nice burn, but can’t believe you wasted a DL blank on CDS_TEST_B2 :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


I waste 3-4 DL discs per review just for crap, so is that so strange? :stuck_out_tongue:

good for you OCF :stuck_out_tongue: …do you get them for free or paying out of pocket? if free i can understand…out of pocket, i can’t :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The Ritek (traxdata ones) I do get for free, along with that’s Write (also ritek), but Verbatim/MCC and Imation/Ricoh I pay for myself.

Each review cost me about 25-30 EUR in media that I pay out of my own pocket, this is one of the reasons why you have seen less reviews from me in the past - it’s too expensive to be a reviewer for cdfreaks :Z

The main reason for less reviews is the lack of time of course, but the expenses doesn’t help you may say.

that sucks…sorry.

so no BenQ 1640 review from you? 8X DL seems quite good on this drive. ~3mins faster than my 6X +R DL on the PX716.

jan70: “No, haven’t seen any 8x DVD+R9 DL media yet, only 2.4x DVD+R9 DL media burned at 8x !!”

Is this a good result? Are you confident burning Verbatim DVD+ DL 2.4x at 8x?

that scan looks fantastic, considering that 2.4 media was burned at 8x!!! I think my next drive is going to be the 1640 unless I can upconvert my 1620 with a fw!!

One question: why do they even bother with dvd-r DL? if it can’t be bitset to dvd-rom then what’s the point?

but it can be bitset to DVD-R which is compatible in virtually all stand-alones.

Not really… many stand alones might assume that a DVD-R book typed disc has only one layer. In case of a DVD-ROM book type it might look for how many layers are present… as 2 layered DVD-ROM disc were present from the beginning. =) So a DVD-R book typed DL disc will never be as compatible as a DVD-ROM book typed DL disc I guess.

suppose that’s entirely true…my bad.

We’ll see… that’s only my theory. =) But considering a lot of burners can’t read a DVD-R DL disc (Nec 3500 confuses it for a blank DVD-R disc)… I persume it can be only worse with stand alones.