Benq-1640 Faceplate



Does anyone know if these are for sale individually?
I’m looking at buying a 1640 but the store only has them in white(beige) so I was wondering if there are any silver faceplates out there.


Dunno. All I know is they look mighty cheap. Gloss finish of the plastic in a non-standard beige that doesn’t quite match my case is also very tacky. Good thing that it’s a decent drive. :slight_smile:

Edit: Doh. Was thinking of my 1620 when u said 1640. Same difference :wink:


Why not order these:

Very nice design in black and silver! And it’s a BenQ


Specifications of a 1620, not 1640 (DVD+RW 8X…).


I have suggested time and again to BenQ to improve their bezel design but nothing seems to be moving. Maybe we need to do a survey to convince them.

Anyway, do note that the DW1640 is not compatible with previous DW16xx burners cos I tried fitting a black DW1620 bezel on the DW1640 and it’s a no go, the catches are in totally different positions.

Survey time?


Or maybe they just need to get a clue :stuck_out_tongue:
If they can’t see it’s the cheapest-looking faceplate on any drive they’ve seen, they’ve got rocks in their head and/or don’t care.

  1. it’s gloss!
  2. the colour looks more like yellow with most beige cases
  3. unnecessary ‘round rectangle’ embellishment below the tray

Good luck to them with the current design :stuck_out_tongue: I personally wouldn’t be putting the drive in a customer’s system, despite me owning one (along with a Pioneer and a Panasonic…).

But as we know, tastes with some of these things vary so who am I to say? Would be nice if the colours matched tho :slight_smile:


You cant change the front on a BenQ 1640 you would need to change the whole tray. I know i’ve got one and yes it doesnt look the best, they should have produced it in white so it actually looks like all their photo’s.